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Gornal has lost many of its old and even not so old pubs like any other area, but there is still no shortage of both traditional and modernised drinking establishments.
Most of the pubs around Gornal date from the middle of the 19th century, many of these older pubs would have had their own brewhouse, during the twentieth century most pubs were tied to a particular brewery, however a couple still do brew their own.
After the Duke of Wellington's Beerhouse Act of 1830, it was possible for the sum of two guineas, for a householder to set up a beer house and brewery on their premises, thus the term 'Public House', this resulted in a proliferation of ale and beer houses, often brewing and selling from private dwellings.
In 1869 new licensing laws brought a halt to this expansion, with stricter licensing, however many did continue on as fully licensed public houses.
During this period, virtually every household would have had a brewhouse, or at least have means to brew their own. Gornal quickly became acknowledged all over the Black Country and beyond for it's particularly strong beer.
The early nineteenth Century saw a number of malthouses established in the Gornal area, notably those near to the Green Dragon in Upper Gornal providing the malted barley to these establishments.
In the twentieth century, a newspaper report about proposed sugar rationing at the beginning of the war in 1939 states; "Gornal, famed throughout the Midlands for its home brewed beer is to have its position 'recognised' by the government."
It goes on to say that beer is brewed in virtually every house in the district for the thirsty miners and that the quantity of sugar used in Gornal just for this purpose is estimated to be between 10 and 20 tons per week!
See newspaper report of 1939 "Villagers Warned"

Brass Pub check issued by
Isaac Jones from the Limerick Inn
c1910, tokens were issued in
values up to 6D (sixpence).

Sadly missing from the landscape are:
The Bell Inn, Church Street, Lower Gornal.
The Bricklayers Arms - Miners Arms - The Pig On The Wall, Upper Gornal.
The Bricklayers Arms, Straits.
The Bull and Butcher, Ruiton.
The Cottage Spring, Ruiton, Upper Gornal.
The Cross Keys, Ruiton Street, Lower Gornal.
Duke William, Hill Street/Vale Street, Ruiton.
The Fiddlers Arms, Straits Road.
Glynne Arms. (The Crooked House).
Hop and BarleycCorn, Lower Gornal.
The Horse & Jockey, Dudley Road, Upper Gornal.
The Horse Shoe, Kent Street, Upper Gornal.
The Leopard, Dudley Road, Upper Gornal.
The Limerick, Summit Place, Gornal Wood.
The Limerick, Kent Street, Upper Gornal.
The Lion Hotel (The Exhibition), Kent Street, Upper Gornal.
The New Inn (The Sunshine), Humphrey Street, Lower Gornal.
The Pear Tree, New Street, Gornal Wood.
The Queens Head, New street, Gornal Wood.
The Royal Exchange Lower Gornal.
The Royal Oak Upper Gornal.
The Spriggers Arms/The Ellowes Inn, Lower Gornal.
The Swan, Lake Street, Lower Gornal.
The White Chimneys, Abbey Road, Gornal Wood.
The White Lion, The Fold, Upper Gornal.
Some remain in a different guise:
The Bulls Head, Himley Road, Gornal Wood.
The Crown, Holloway Street, Ruiton.
The Cottage of Content, Clarence Street, Upper Gornal
Durham Ox, Hill Street, Ruiton.
The Five Ways, Robert Street, Lower Gornal.
The Five Ways, Himley Road, Gornal Wood
Good Intent, Vale Street, Upper Gornal.
The Green Dragon, Kent Street, Upper Gornal.
The Junction, Abbey Street/Louise Street, Gornal Wood.
Straits House, Tennyson Road, Straits.
The Shakespeare, Kent Street, Upper Gornal.
The Wagon and Horses, Ruiton Street, Lower Gornal.
The Crown.
Now used commercialy.
The Five Ways Inn.
This old pub was built in 1821
Durham Ox.
Now a private residence
Pubs that are still serving:
The Black Bear (Horse and Jockey), Deepdale Lane.
The Britannia, Kent Street, Upper Gornal.
The Bush Inn, Summit Place, Gornal Wood.
The Forge, Chase Road, Gornal Wood.
The Fountain Inn, Temple Street, Lower Gornal.
The Jolly Crispin, Kent Street, Upper Gornal.
Meadowlark, Dibdale Road.
The Miners Arms (Chapel House Inn), Ruiton Street, Lower Gornal.
Old Bulls Head, Redhall Road.
The Old Mill, Windmill Street, Ruiton.
The Red Cow, Grosvenor Road.
The Red Lion, Bank Road, Gornal Wood.
The Spills Meadow, Kent Street, Upper Gornal
The Woodman, Wakelams Fold, Gornal Wood.
The Black Bear, Deepdale Lane.
The Horse and Jockey - renamed The Black Bear in the 1980s.
Old Bulls Head Inn.
Late Victorian pub in Redhall Road, once the H.Q. of Gornal Football.
Britannia Inn, Kent Street.
An early nineteenth century pub, referred to locally as 'Sallys'

Although on the fringes - the most famous....

The Glynne Arms - Crooked House, Himley.

The Chapel House, Lower Gornal .. see .. The Miners Arms.
The Ellowes Inn, Lower Gornal .. see .. Spriggers Arms.
The Exhibition Inn .. see .. Lion Inn.
Horse and Jockey (Dibdale) .. see .. The Black Bear.
Miners Arms, Kent Street, Upper Gornal .. see .. Bricklayers Arms.
The Sunshine Inn, Lower Gornal .. see .. The New Inn.
? Obscure:
The Bell, Upper Gornal.
19th Century.
1869, Thomas Clark
No other reference found.
The Cabin Inn, Clarence Street, Upper Gornal.
1871, Cabin Inn, occupier Samuel Naylor, coal miner. [Census]
1881, John Percival, publican. [Census]
1882, John Percival, publican.
1891, Anthony Lee, tailor & publican. Nr. 52 Clarence Street. [Census]
1911, Henry Johnson, inn keeper, public house age 46, house apparently located at Nr. 52 Clarence Street. [Census]
1913, Joshua Beadley.
1915, Sold.
Cottage Spring, Straits Road.
(19th Century)
Thomas Jones, proprietor.
1865, Jones' Directory lists John Waterfield, Cottage Spring, Upper Gornal.
1871, Thomas Jones, licensee.
The Foresters' Arms, Upper Gornal.
(19th Century beerhouse).
1869, Thomas Oakley.
Unnown location and no further reference found.
The King William Inn, Barrs Meadow, Gornal Wood.
(19th Century).
1855, the house of Cornelius Guest, situate at the junction of three roads, already a beerhouse of some years.
Unnown location.
The Miners Arms, Lake Street, Lower Gornal.
(19th Century).
1871, George Bate, Miners Arms, Lake Street, age 43 [1871 census]
This appears to have been short lived, no other info found.
Painters Arms, Upper Gornal.
(19th Century).
1861, James Guest. [Census]
1869, James Guest.
1885, William Henry Purchase.
1887, A. Lovatt.
1891, James Maddox, publican. [Census]
Located [No.107] near to the Limerick Inn, Kent Street.
1896, Arthur Moss, licensee. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
N.B. In 1904 Arthur Moss is listed as Safe Maker in Upper Gornal, a safe made by Arthur H Moss, Gornal is exhibited at the Black Country Museum, he is not listed in the 1912 trade directory but family members are at No.90, Kent Street.
Arthur H Moss, Snr. & Jnr. and family lived at 5 Church Street, Lower Gornal in the 1901 census.
Pied Bull, Graveyard.
(19th Century).
1861, Joseph Law. [Harrod's Directory]
1865, Joseph Law, Graveyard. [Jones Mercantile Directory]
1880, Joseph Law, Graveyard, Lower Gornal. [Post Office Directory of Birmingham, Staffordshire & Worcestershire]
1891, said to be closed (licence refused).
Prince Albert, Upper Gornal.
(19th Century).
1851, Sarah Turner. [Jones Merchantile Directory]
1858, Samuel Nichols.
1860, William Taylor, licence transfer from Samuel Nichols.
1861, William Taylor. [Harrod's Directory]
1865, William Taylor. [Jones Merchantile Directory]

1868: Birmingham Gazette - 21 March.

BY Mr. CHARLES ROUND in consequence of the death of the Proprietor and may be entered upon immediately, the above well-known Old Licensed Inn conatining Tap Room, Bar Parlour, and Butcher's Shop (which may be easiliy converted into a Liquor Shop), excellent cellaring, three Chambers, Brew house and Storerooms, with the usual Out-offices, including good Stabling, Piggeries, and large Paddock.
The Stock and Fixtures to be taken to by valuation For further particulars apply to Mr. John French, Court House Inn or Charles Round, Auctioneer.
Queens Head Inn, Upper Gornal.
(19th Century).

George Smith issued tokens from here c1870.

1851, Jeremiah Parker, described as a victualler and butcher. [Melville Directory]
1861, Jeremiah Parker, victualler & butcher. [Census]
1861, Jeremiah Parker. [Harrod's Directory]
1865, Rebecca Parker, (wife of Jeremiah Parker). [Jones Mercantile Directory]
1867, Rebecca Parker died and pub put up for sale.
1868, George Smith, (& butcher). [P.O. Directory]
1871, James Passmore, victualler & butcher. [Census]
1872, James Passmore. [P.O. Directory]
1876, Isaac Naylor.
1878, Mary Ann Naylor, Publican. [Bankruptcy notice]
1880, Samuel Heeley, & shopkeeper. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1881, Uninhabitted. [Census]
1876: Dudley Herald - Saturday 15 July.
William Guest, painter, Upper Gornal, was charged with assaulting Isaac Naylor, landlord of the Queen’s Head, Upper Gornal, and with refusing to quit his premises, on the inst. -The landlord stated that defendant used bad language when in his house, and upon requesting him to leave he struck him a violent blow. -Defendant was fined 11s. and costs for the first offence, and 20s. and costs for the second, in default five weeks imprisonment.
Red Lion, Upper Gornal.
(19th Century)
Mentioned in a 1849 sale notice when the owner was retiring from business.
The sale was for farming stock as well as brewing equipment belonging to Sarah Darby.
1849, Sarah Darby.
Straits Green Inn (Tavern) or Streights Green Inn.
(19th Century).
1839, John Addenbrooke. [Robson's Birmingham Directory]
Also mentioned in a sale notice of 1839.
1850, John Every. [P.O. Directory]
1851, John Moss. [P.O. Directory]
1857, 'Streight Inn' had to relinquish the license to allow a new licence to be granted to The Fiddlers Arms, both owned by Lord Ward.
1861, John Every. [Harrod's Directory]
Swan Inn, 1 Mount Street, Upper Gornal.
(19th Century).
1871, Charles Hartland. [Census]
1864; Bilston Licensing Session.
THE TRAVELLERS' REST, GORNAL WOOD. Mr. Stokes said he had now to apply, and did so with the greatest confidence, on behalf of Daniel Jones, for a license to his bouse, the Travellers' Rest. The house was erected for the purposes of a licensed bouse, and comprised bar, taproom, stabling, pig styes, and every possible requirement. It was approached by a wide entrance for carts at the side, and there was a piece of land connected with the ownership, which might be used to increase the accommodation if necessary. His chief reason, however, why a license should granted to this house, was in the fact that a well known personage, in the surgical profession - Dr. Hicken -resided in the immediate neighbourhood and such was the repute he bore for the cure of various complaints, that persons flocked to him from all the district round, sometimes as many as 50 and sixty a week. Now, connected with this fact, was another equally important one, that the wife of his client -Mrs. Jones -was a relative of Dr. Hicken, and she having resided with him for many years, was in the habit of making up his prescriptions. (Laughter.) In fact, she was the only person whom Dr. Hicken would entrust with that duty. Now many of the doctor's patients came from a very great distances, accommodation was needed both for themselves and their horses, and being also persons suffering from illness, they naturally wanted that refreshment, such as wines, spirits, &c., which only a licensed house could afford. There were, he added, only three licensed bouses in the locality, the nearest being 400 yards away, and two of them so old that they were nearly ready to tumble down. The Magistrates here consulted together for a short time, when Mr. Perry announced that the Bench did not consider that there was any necessity for increasing the publichouses in the localities mentioned. The applications were therefore refused.
Travellers Rest, Abbey Street, Gornal Wood.
(19th Century).
1864, Daniel Jones.
1869, David Jones.
1870, Daniel Jones.
1874, Edward Bennett.
The Three Furnaces Inn, 33 Hermit Row, Upper Gornal.
(19th Century).
1854, Joseph Hartland. [Sale Advert.]
1861, Joseph Hartland, aged 48. [Census]
1871, "public house", Edward Allen, licensed victualler. [Census]