~ Gallery - Shops ~
Gornal has plenty of shop premises both old and new, most are in or around Gornal Wood.
There are no large supermarkets or hyper-stores but plenty of small stores, most of these small shop premises would have doubled-up as living accommodation for the shopkeepers family.
Five Ways, Lower Gornal.
The busy junction where five roads fan off in every direction.
Louise Street, Gornal Wood.
The main shopping 'High Street' thoroughfare.
Park Road, Lower Gornal.
A municipal row of six shops pictured in 2008 have since been demolished
Abbey Road, Gornal Wood.
The center of Gornal Wood.
Abbey Street, Gornal Wood.
This street was once overshadowed by the Abbey Farm.
Ruiton Street, Lower Gornal.
Leading from the Five Ways, Lower Gornal towards Ruiton, Upper Gornal
Lake Street, Lower Gornal.
The remaining shops are gathered towards Five Way junction,
Temple Street, Lower Gornal.
Very few shops remain.
Zoar Street, Gornal Wood.
Zoar Street climbs out of Gornal Wood towards the Five Ways, Lower Gornal.