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The Crown
The Crown, 11 Holloway Street, Lower Gornal.
The pub dates to the around 1830.
In 1937 the pub was aquired by Thomas Booth who also owned among other establishments - The Red Lion Inn, Lower Gornal, his son George Booth had the licence for the Crown at this time and issued tokens from here.
Change of use in 2010 to offices.
1850, Henry Williams. [P.O. Directory]
1851, Henry Williams, victualler. [Melville & Co.'s Directory of Wolverhampton]
He died in 1865, described as quarryman, he also owned other land and dwellings nearby,
1865, Daniel Johnson. [Jones Trade Directory]
Daniel Johnson's wife Elizabeth was Henry Williams' daughter.
1871, Daniel Johnson, licensed victualler. [Census]
1881, Daniel Johnson. [Census]
1887, Elisha Marsh.
1893, Elisha Marsh. [ER]
1896-1904, Thomas Fox. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1901, Thomas Fox. [Census]
1911, John Meredith, publican aged 42, wife Abilgal. [Census]
1912, John Meredith. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1915, John Meredith. [ER]
1916, William Darby. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1921-1936, Mary E. Cole (Mrs). [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1937, George Booth.
1940, James Coxshall. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
The Crown in 2014, now offices. Soon to close, pictured 2008
The final sign