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The Durham Ox
The Durham Ox, 49 Hill Street, Ruiton.
The Durham Ox closed and was converted into a residential house around 1995.
As a private residence in Hill Street, 2014.
Photo 2014

Tokens were issued around 1920.
Bilson Annual Licensing Session.
In 1874, Mr Joseph Williams applied for a wine and spirit license and stated that it had already had fourteen years as a beerhouse..
1874, Joseph Williams.
1881, Joseph Williams. [Census]
1891, Joseph Williams, Beer Seller age 52. [Census]
1901, Joseph Williams. [Census]
1911, James Morris, aged 43 Beer Retailer public House. [Census]
1940, Daniel Marsh. (Kelly's Trade Directory)
A painting of the Durham Ox in 1804 by George Garrard (1760-1826).

Origin of the pub name 'Durham Ox'.

This famous and prized Longhorn toured England in the early 19th Century, later many pubs were so named after it.

Pubs with 'Ox' or 'Bull' as part of the sign were often used where the proprietors were also butchers.