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The Forge
The Forge Inn, 32 Chase Road, Gornal Wood.
Situated just over the parish boundary in Pensnett, the pub was originally called 'The Old Forge'
The name was changed to 'The Poachers Pocket' around 2004 but after refurbishment in 2006, re-opened again as 'The Forge'.
'Lowes Forge' is marked on a 1750 map of the area, this is shown on a 1835 map as 'Gornal Forge'.
There seems no doubt that an early forge existed on or near here.
This is an old pub that seems to date from the 1840s, although with all the subsequent and modern additions this is not so obvious at first glance.
Still serving and well-known local restaurant.
1851, Joseph Hughes, 'Old Forge', occupation edge tool manufacturer employing 2 men and 1 boy. [Census]
1861, Joseph Hughes, 'Forge Lane'. [Census]
1865, Joseph Hughes. [Jones Mercantile Directory]
1869, Joseph Hughes, Old Forge, & collector of rates. [P.O. Directory]
1871, Joseph Hughes, called 'Old Forge House'. [Census]
1872, Joseph Hughes, called 'The Old Forge Inn'. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1881, Ann Hughes, age 60, widow, occupation Victualer. [Census]
1884, Ann Hughes.
1891, Emma Webb, (b1854) [Census]
1904, Emma Webb (Mrs). [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1911, Benjamin Evans, Publican aged 36. [Census]
1924-1936, Elizabeth Evans (Mrs), 'Old Forge'.
1939, George W. Laurence, farmer & licensee b 25 October 1897. [Register]
1940, George W. Laurence. [Kelly's Trade Directory]