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The Bricklayers Arms.
The Bricklayers Arms, 13, The Straits.
N.B. There was also another pun called the Bricklayers Arms in Kent Street.
Built pre-1850, the pub was located in Straits Road, near to the junction with what was to become Masefield Road, Gordon's Place.
The pub was de-licensed before 1930 when the last landlady died
The pub disappeared sometime in the 1930s?
1851, Josiah Hickman. [Staffordshire Gazette]
1871, Josiah Hickman.[Census]
1880, Josiah Hickman. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1881, Enoch Hickman, age 54, occupation carpenter.[Census]
1891, Enoch Hickman.[Census]
1896, E. Hickman. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1920s, Betsie Hickman.