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The White Chimneys
The White Chimneys Inn, 20 (17) Abbey Road, Gornal Wood.
The 'Chimneys was another pub built in the mid-19th century, it closed around 1984 and was demolished.
Some part of the site is now taken up with Eggintons chemist car park.
1854, Joshua Cartwright.
1861, Joshua Cartwright. [Census]
1865, Joshua Cartwright. [Jones Mercantile Directory]
1871, Joshua Cartwright. [ER] & [Census]
1881, Joshua Cartwright, age 62, occupation maltster. [Census]
Joshua Cartwright died 8th June 1892.
1896, John Bradley. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1901, John Bradley. [Census]
1911, John Thomas Bird, publican manager, age 28. [Census]
1912, John Thomas Bird. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1916, John T. Bird. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1921-28, William Darby. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1936, Edith C. Jones. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1940, Sidney Marsh. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1976, Stan Witton.