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The Old Vicarage
This was the old vicarage house for the incumbents of the Parish Church, St. James the Great, it was built around the time of the Church in about 1820.
1844 Map with location of the Vicarage near Five Ways.
The house was located near the Five Ways, Lower Gornal, at the junction between Church Street and Summer Lane.
The Vicarage and area between it and the Churchyard was reputably haunted, at one point, reports of 'happenings' found their way into the national newspapers during Reverend Rookers time there in the 19th Century; see "Village in Terror" link below.
After a period of disuse, the house had become quite derelict by the early 1970s, it was demolished and new private houses built on the site.
A new modern Vicarage was built further down Church Street next to the Church.
Some interesting stories related to the vicarage abound and can be found on other pages.