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The Bush Inn
The Bush Inn, 52 (2) Summit Place, still serving.
This early building started out as a Georgian Terrance with the frontage on the opposite side of the building to the present pub entrance.
First licensed in 1820.
Sometimes referred to as The Old Bush.
The pub is reputedly haunted by poltergeist and apparitions.
The Limerick, now demolished, occupied an adjacent plot.
Mr.Stephen Hale of the Old Bush Inn, Gornal Wood, died 21st January 1842 aged 52.
February 16, 1853, Mr. Thos. Hale of the Bush Inn married Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Jos. Hale, Butcher.
Sale notice: June 8, 1869 at the house of Mrs Guest, The Bush Inn.
1834, Stephen Hale. [White's Directory]
1842, Stephen Hale. [Pigots Directory]
1850, Mrs Nancy Hale. [P.O. Directory]
1851, Thomas Hall [Hale]. [Slaters Directory][Census]
1861, John Fellows. [Harrod's Directory]
1865, John Fellows. [Jones Mercantile Directory]
1869, Ann Guest (Old Bush)
1865, Edward Nicklin, 1865.
Edward Nicklin of the Bush Inn was declared backrupt in 1868.
1868, Edward Nicklin, licensed victualler and shoemaker.
1871, Thomas Smith. [Census]
1880, Reuben Morris. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1881, Rueben Morris. [Census]
1885, Rueben Morris. [ER]
1891, Mary Morris, Inn Keeper, aged 52, widow. [Census]
Mary was the wife of Reuben Morris who died in 1885.
1901, Mary Morris. [Census]
1904, Mrs Mary Morris. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1911, David White, Bricklayer and Publican aged 29 from Leicestershire. [Census]
1912, David White. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1915, 1916 David White. [ER], [Kelly's]
1921, John Bryan. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1924-1928, William Cox. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
John Flemming. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1940, Edwin Beesley. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Sign 2015

Origin of the pub name 'The Bush'.

During the Roman occupation, it was decreed that all taverns be identifiable by branches of an evergreen like ivy to be fixed to the outside of the building usually on a pole, later hop vines were used.

The branches, which are shown on the Bush Inn sign symbolise the Greek god of wine, Bacchus.