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Straits House - The Pub
Straits House, Tennyson Road.
Straits House undertook some changes during it's long existence, this fine residence was converted into a public house, and now has been converted back into private dwellings.
This pages deals only with the use since it's conversion to a public house.
See the full history of the House and it's owners and occupiers.
This was originally a Regency gentleman's residence - a large house with extensive grounds, built around 1820 by Alexander Gordon.
After Gordon's death in 1848, it passed to succession of mainly wealthy owners, up until 1947 when it was sold off as part of the Earl of Dudley's estate.
During the 1950's this fine building was converted into a Public House.
Although strongly objected to and despite petitions by local residents, Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries PLCs application to transform the building into 24 residential flats in 2006 was eventually successful.
Straits House called its last 'time' on Sunday 14th January 2007.
The main facade has been retained, with extensions to the side and rear, which form part of the development.
The House has been divided up into several apartments, at least this fine building has not been lost entirely.