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The New Inn
The New Inn (The Sunshine), 13 Humphrey Street.
Locally known as 'The Sunshine' for an unknown reason.
The pub was built around 1835 and was demolished in 1995 to make way for more housing.
1835, Zachariah Parks. [Pigots Directory]
1850, Zachariah Parks, '& auger maker'. [Post Office Directory of Birmingham]
1868, Joseph Waterfield. [P.O. Directory]
1871, Joseph Waterfield. [ER]
1881, Joseph Waterfield. [Census]
1891, Joseph Waterfield, aged 60 years. [Census]
1896-1904, Lydia Waterfield. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Lydia was the widow of Joseph Waterfield who had died in 1892, she lived on until 1914.
1911, Henry Kennedy, Licensed Victualler and brewer, aged 45 from Ironbridge. [Census]
1912, Henry Kennedy. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1916. Joseph Stevens. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1919, Joseph James Stevens.
1921, Joseph Stevens. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1924-1928, Herbert John Holloway. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1936. William Jones. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1940-1950s, Ernest Clarke. [Kelly's Trade Directory]