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The Limerick Inn
The Limerick, 17 (& 18) Summit Place.
Built c1850, closed in 1999, demolished around 2002, the plot is still vacant.
On 15th March, 1917 a fire gutted the Inn, the Landlord and his wife Mr & Mrs Smith escaped through a bedroom window, wearing only night clothes
Upon their arrival, the Dudley Fire Brigade could do little about the blaze through lack of water, and were only able to save adjacent buildings, the fire left the Limerick with only the outer walls standing.
The pub was rebuilt and continued as a licensed premises until the late 1990s.
STEALING DUCKS.-During the night of the 15th inst., eleven ducks were stolen from the premises of Mr. Isaac Hughes, Limerick Inn, Lower Gornal. Information was given to the police, and the next morning Police-constable Sheldon discovered some of the birds "planted" in an adjoining field, ready for removal. The officer watched the place, and was rewarded for his trouble by the advent of two men named John Clark and John Brockley, fishmongers from Dudley, who, when in the act of removing the booty, were pounced on and secured by the constable.-The prisoners were examined before the Sedgley magistrates on Monday, and committed for trial at the Sessions.
Birmingham Daily Gazette, Wednesday, May 20th, 1863
This brass pub check was issued by Isaac Jones at the Limerick Inn.
Isaac Jones was licensee at the Limerick around 1900, he was also licensee of the nearby Pear Tree Inn where he also issued checks c1910
Checks were issued in values up to 6D (sixpence).
1849, Isaac Hughes, first licenced.
1859-1863, Isaac Hughes.
Isaac Hughes married Ann Perry in 1837, he died in 1863 and his wife Ann continued the business.
1865, Ann Hughes. [Jones Mercantile Directory]
1868, Ann Hughes. [P.O. Directory]
1871, Ann Hughes, aged 59 (widowed), Licensed Victualer. [Census]
1872, Ann Hughes. [Kelly's Trade Directory]

1888: Birmingham Daily Post, Wednesday, October 10.

A CHILD KILLED.-Last night a child named William Jones, the son of Mr. Isaac Jones, the landlord of the Limerick Inn, Gornal Wood, was killed through a colliery screen falling upon him and breaking his neck.
1881, Isaac Jones, aged 31. [Census]
1885, Isaac Jones. [ER]
1891, Isaac Jones. [Census]
1896, Isaac Jones. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1901, Richard E. Astley, aged 34, licensed victualler. [Census]
1904, Henry Barresford. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1911, Enoch Smart, age 32, Inn Keeper. [Census]
1912, William Stoddart. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1916, Thomas Smith. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1921 Charlie Evans. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1924, George Freeman. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1928. Frank Trowmans. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1936. John A. Lodge. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1939, William Leonard Bradley, occ. Builders Labourer - Air Raid Shelters. [Register]
1940, William L. Bradley. [Kelly's Trade Directory]