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The Bull and Butcher
The Bull and Butcher, 38 Vale Street, Ruiton.
Located at the junction of Vale street and Duke Street, and would have stood opposite to the Duke William pub (now Upper Gornal Conservative Club site), the address was called 'Park Street'? by the 1871 Census enumerator.
As the name suggests, this was also a butchers shop.
The pub closed in around 1913, demolished.
1875, Birmingham Daily Post, 28 August.
Mr Gould of Stourbridge, sought for a six days' license to sell wine and spirits, to be consumed on the premises, on behalf of Daniel Marshall, [sic (Marsh)] of the Bull and Butcher beerhouse, Ruiton, situate in a populous neighbourhood, at the junction of three roads, on the main road from Lower Gornal to Gornal Wood. For many years the house had been old-licensed, but the license had been revoked four years ago because of two convictions. The premises were said to be sufficiently rated, possessed of a large club room, and with good stabling and out-buildings. The police proved that the applicant had managed his house without complaint during the last eighteen months.
1851, Daniel Marsh, aged 48, butcher & victualler. [Census]
1865, Daniel Marsh. [Jones Mercantile Directory]
1869, Dan Marsh.
1871, Daniel 'Dan' Marsh, age 34. (Park Street?) [Census]
1875, Daniel Marsh, applied for wine and spirit licence.
1880, Dan & Benjamin Marsh, & butchers. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1881, Daniel Marsh, aged 42, occupation butcher. [Census]
1896, Daniel Marsh. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1901, Daniel 'Dan' Marsh, aged 64.[Census]
1904, Daniel Marsh. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1911, Thomas Fox, aged 49, manager of public house. [Census]
1913, licence refused.

Origin of the pub name 'Bull and Butcher'

Most pub names containing 'Bull' were so called as proprietors were often connected with butchery usually from the same premises.
The area also has a history of bull baiting'.