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The Miners Arms (The Chapel House)
The Chapel House - Miners Arms, 28 (89) Ruiton Street, Lower Gornal.
The Chapel House as it was called originally around 1835 due to its use by local Methodists as a meeting place before the nearby chapels were built.
1876: Dudley Herald, 17 June.
Although the name was changed to the Miners Arms c1877, it continued to be known locally as the Chapel House.
By 2013, the pub name reverted back to the 'Chapel House'.
The cellars were reputedly once used as a jail.
Acquired by Holden's Brewery in 1949.
Said to be haunted.
Rendering was removed from the exterior of the building in December 2016 revealing on the front and north side the original stone construction.
The Miners Arms was a popular pub name in the district, with another so named pub located in Kent Street, and also a 'Miners Arms' was mentioned in Lake Street, Lower Gornal in 1871.
1891: Birmingham daily Post, 24 January.
 The OWNERSHIP OF LICENSES, - At Bilston, yesterday, Charles Evans, landlord of the Jolly Crispin Inn, Clarence Street, Upper Gornal, applied for the license of the Chapel House, Ruiton, to be transferred from Thomas Fox to himself. It was explained that the applicant had bought the Chapel House, and intended to live there, and obtain a tenant for the Jolly Crispin Inn. Chief-superintendent Longden objected to the transfer, on the ground that the applicant intended to hold both licenses.
The application was refused.
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1891, Charles Evans, 89 Ruiton St. [Census]
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1913, sold-on.
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1940, J. Walker. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1950s: Reuben Walker.
1879: Dudley Herald, 3rd May.
TO BE LET, extensive premises; Incoming 100; Rent 20, Brewing Plant, Full Licence.
Apply, James Whitehouse, Auctioneer and Valuer, High Steet, Dudley.
1876: Dudley Herald, February 12th..
PERMITTING DRUNKENNESS.- Benjamin Smith of the Chapel House Inn, Lower Gornal, was changed with allowing drunkenness in his house on the 29th ult.-Police constables Rowland and Moffatt visited the house, and found ten or twelve persons drinking there. A person named Joseph Whitehouse was in a drunken state in the tap room, and on getting up, reeled about and had to be assisted home, The son of the defendant said that he only supplied Whitehouse with one pint of ale, and that was all the defenedant had in the house, and he then appeared sober, and witness was not aware he was drunk. A conviction for permitting drunkenness was proved against the same defendant in Novemeber last.-Fined 5 and costs, the Court saying that they would not endorse the licence on that occasion.