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The Five Ways Inn
Brass tokens were issued by William Henry Waterfield c1876.
The Five ways Inn, 1 Robert Street, (2 Lake Street) Lower Gornal.
A Grade II listed building since 1976, built of local stone in the early 19th century and much altered later.
An oval stone tablet built into the first storey bears the inscription 'J.B.M. 1821', which is most likely the date it was built.
The building ceased to be pub in 1996 and was transformed into J.R. Jones Funeral Directors.
Wolverhampton Chronical,  May 21.

at Lower Gornal, including valuable mines of Fire Clay, &c.

To be sold by private treaty, an eligible PROPERTY, consisting of two Houses and Premises and upwards of twelve acres of Land, containing valuable Mines, situate at the Fiveways, in the village of Lower Gornal, in the parish of Sedgley, adjoining the celebrated fire clay works of Mr. Gibbons, which will be disposed of together or in the following or such other lots as may be agreed upon, to suit the convenience of purchasers:-
 Lot I.-Three closes of excellent Meadow and Arable LAND, called Clay Croft, Blackberry-hill and Little Meadow, containing, together, about seven acres and a half, in the occupation of William Webber, and Mrs. Mary Jevon, with all the Mines remaining ungotten.
 Lot II.-Two closes of Meadow and Pasture LAND, called Big Meadow and Pasture Piece containing about five acres, with all the Mines remaining ungotten.
 Lot III.-Two HOUSES, Outbuildings, and Gardens, in the occupation of William Webber and Benjamin Timmins, the house occupied by Webber being used as a public house called the "Fiveways".
 Some of the strata of the mines have been gotten, but others of a valuable description, consisting principly of the fire clay, which is considered to be of the primest quality, fire clay balls, and new mine coal remain in the solid.

William Webber died 1846.
Blackberry Hill; still called 'Blackberry' and behind Roberts School.

The Five Ways Inn is so named as it overlooks the busy five ways junction - Ruiton Street/Robert Street/Lake Street/Church Street/Summer Lane.
Originally, Jews Lane continued down to the five ways, the lower part was renamed Roberts Street in the late 19th Century.
Roberts Green Farm occupied much of this area, the land was farmed by John Roberts who was probably a tenant of The Earl Of Dudley.

Aris's Birmingham Gazette, June 10, 1865

Situate at LOWER GORNAL, in the Parish of SEDGLEY

By Messrs. POWELL and SON, on WEDNESDAY, 21st day of June inst., at the house of Mr. John Jeavons, The Five ways Inn, Lower Gornal, in the Parish of Sedgley, at six o'clock in the evening subject to conditions then to be read-
All that Old-established and Licensed PUBLIC HOUSE, Out-buildings, and Premises, known as the "FIVE WAYS INN", situate at the Five Ways, Lower Gornal aforesaid; and all those three Pieces or Fields of LAND, nearly adjoining the Public House. This land has large frontages to the roads leading from Lower Gornal to Upper Gornal, Deepdale Bank, and Dudley. The Property, inclusive of the site of the buildings, contains an area of 6A. 3R. 27P., and is now in the occupation of Mr. John Jeavons.
The above sketch also shows the two shops that are now occupied by the Lower Gornal Post Office and Newsagent.
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