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The Spriggers Arms - The Ellowes Inn
The Spriggers Arms/Ellowes Inn, Ellowes Road, Lower Gornal
Built by Ansell's Brewery in the late fifties to serve the newly completed Stickley Estate.
The pub stood at the junction of Ellowes Road and Park Road.
In the late 1980s the name was changed to the 'Spriggers Arms', this was a bad move and not accepted by the locals, The Spriggers closed in 1997 and was demolished shortly afterwards.
A new housing development soon occupied this large site.
1963, William Whitton.

Origin of the pub name 'The Ellowes' and "Spriggers Arms'

The pubs initial name obviously originated from the nearby Hall and the road of which it fronted of the same name.

The name was changed in the late 1980s on a whim by the landlord of the time to commemorate a family member.