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The Queens Head
The Queens Head, 48 New Street, Lower Gornal.
First licensed in the 1860s.
Pub closed in the 1930s.
Looking for more info on this one, exact site not as yet confirmed.
A private dwelling still exists with house number 48 which could well have previously been this public house.
If this is so, it appears to have been a very small establishment.
48 New Street - The Queens Head?
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At Bilston Licensing Sessions, in 1864, an application for renewing a licence on behalf of Mrs. Anne Guest, widow, of the Queens Head, pleaded that the premises had been erected regardless of expense purposely for a licensed house.
There was also a Queens Head pub in Upper Gornal in the 19th century, James Passmore was licensee in 1871.
1864: 14 September, Bilston Licensing Session.
THE QUEEN'S HEAD, LOWER GORNAL. Mr. Stokes, solicitor, said he had to apply for a license to the Queen's Head, Lower Gornal, kept by Mrs. Guest. The house of his client was situated very near to that for which Mr. Underhill had just applied, and admitting all that his friend had stated about the necessity for further public house accommodation to be true, the simple question for the Bench to consider, if they could not grant both applications, was which of the houses was most entitled to have a license granted to it. Now, in the first place the Queen's Head had been specially erected for the purpose of a licensed house, regardless of expense, which was not the case with Mr. Bunch's house; in the next place Mrs. Guest was an old inhabitant of the place, having resided there ever since she was a child, and thirdly, she was a widow whose sole dependence for a livelihood was the profits she derived by keeping this house. Under these cirumstances his client was, he contended, far more entitled to the consideration of the Bench than a man like Mr. Bunch, who had only recently come into the neighbourhood, and taken the house now kept as a beerhouse a mere speculation, and who had besides a good business to depend upon, without keeping a house of this description at all. His client also bore a good character for the manner which she had hitherto conducted her house.
[Thomas Bunch was owner of the 'Hop and Barleycorn']
Token issued by Isaac Hughes
1861, Cornelius Guest, age 53, licensed victualler. [Census]
1864, Mrs. (Phebe?) Guest.
This was probably the wife of Cornelius Guest who died in 1863.
1871, Isaac Hughes. [Census]
1881, Richard Baker, publican aged 29. [Census]
1891, Richard Baker.. [Census]
1893, Richard Baker. [ER]
1899, John Greenaway.
1901, William T. Marsh, licensed victualler age 27. [Census]
1911, Joseph Jukes, publican aged 44. [Census]
1921-1925, Edward Flavell, beer retailer. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1926-1929, Albert Cooper.
1929, closed.
Continued as private dwelling.