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The Horse Shoe Inn
Kent Street, Upper Gornal.
The Horse Shoe pre-dates 1830 where it is referred to as an old established public house, according to a sale notice, the property appears to have been quite extensive.
At one time referred to as "The Three Horshoes"
It's exact location is presently unknown.
Demolished in 1920s-1930s.
1832: Wolverhampton Chronical, July 25..
Freehold Messuages and premises, at Gornal
All that well-known and old-established PUBLIC HOUSE, known by the sign of the HORSE SHOE, in occupation of Joseph Cartright, situate at GORNAL, in the parish of Sedgley, in the county of Stafford, fronting the turnpike-road leading from Dudley to Wolverhampton-- comprising a spacious Kitchen, two Parlours, three Bedrooms, three Cellars, Brewhouse, Pigeries, Well of Water, a very large and productive Garden, having a considerable frontage to the turnpike-road, and every other convenience requisite for carrying on an extensive trade in the public business.
   Also, all those four smaller DWELLING-HOUSES, with the several Gardens therein, in the respective occupations of William Guest, Mary Nailor, Ann Marsh, and William Jukes, with the two Nail Shops belonging, adjoining or near adjoining the above, two of which front the said turnpike-road, and the others are fronting the road leading out of the said turnpike-road to Lower Gornal; together with the Blacksmiths Shop, in the occupation of Richard Malpass, lying near the said premises, and fronting the said turnpike road.
1832, Joseph Cartwright.
1835, Benjamin Bate. [Pigots Directory]
1851, Thomas Cartwright. [White's Directory]
1861, Thomas Cartwright. [Harrod's Directory]
1865, Henry Fullwood, maltster. [Jones Mercantile Directory].
1868, Henry Fullwood, maltster. [P.O. Directory]
1880, Joseph Woodhall, & maltster. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1881, Joseph Woodall. [Census]
1891, Thomas Nicholls, age 30, butcher & publican. [Census]
1896, Isaac Clarke. [Kelly's Trade Directory].
1904, Joseph Jukes. [Kelly's Trade Directory].
1911, Daniel Greenaway, brewer age 39. [Census].
1912, Daniel Greenaway. [Kelly's Trade Directory].
1916, Charles Coley. [Kelly's Trade Directory].
1921, Thomas Malpass. [Kelly's Trade Directory].
1858 Sale notice: Wolverhampton Chronicle.
MR. S. POWELL will SELL by AUCTION, by direction of the Proprietor, who is about to leave England for Australia, at the house of Mr. Thomas Cartwright, the THREE HORSE SHOES INN, UPPER GORNAL, Monday, the 1st day of November, 1858, at seven o'clock in the evening, subject to conditions then to be read, all that FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE lately occupied as public house, Blacksmith's Shop, Paint Shop, and other Buildings, situate near the Tollgate, Upper Gornal aforesaid, in the occupation of the proprietor, Mr. John Ashcroft. The House consists of front and back kitchen, cellar, two upper rooms, club room, 28 feet by 12 feet 3 inches, and is well supplied with hard and soft water. The land, including the site of the buildings, contains 210 square yards or thereabouts.
Sale notice in 1898:-
Fully licensed freehold property. The Horse Shoe Inn, Upper Gornal, near Dudley, let at 36 a year; also the adjoining malthouse, let on an annual tenancy of 20, for 1,800.