~ Gallery - Churches and Chapels ~
Gornal is not short of a church or two.....
St. James the Great.
Church Street, Lower Gornal.
Five Ways Chapel.
Ruiton Street, Lower Gornal.
Zoar Chapel.
Zoar Street, Gornal Wood.
Lake Street Methodist.
Lake Street, Lower Gornal.
The Wesleyan.
Himley Road, Gornal Wood
St. Pauls.
Lake Street, Lower Gornal.
Ruiton Church.
Hermit Street, Ruiton
The Baptist.
Robert Street, Lower Gornal.
St. Andrews.
Straits Road, Lower Gornal
St. Peters (Catholic).
Temple Street, Lower Gornal.
St. Peters.
Kent Street, Upper Gornal.
Mount Zion.
Upper Gornal Chapels.
A small Mission Room is shown on a 1901 Ordnance map at the 'Graveyard', Lower Gornal, this appears on Graveyard Road near to the Red Cow public house, it did not appear on earlier or later maps, nothing else found out about it.
Noted that in 1771 a 'Meeting House' was erected at 'Gornall', this was likely a Quaker meeting house, William Penn and Benjamin Penn, prominent Quaker families, had lands at Lower Gornal in the area known as the Graveyard (now Grosvenor Road area), there were also Quaker burials there around that time.