~ Gallery - Churches and Chapels ~
Gornal is not short of a church or two.....
Five Ways Chapel.
Ruiton Street, Lower Gornal.
Ruiton Church.
Hermit Street, Ruiton
Zoar Chapel.
Zoar Street,
Gornal Wood.
Lake Street.
Methodist Church
Lake Street, Lower Gornal.
The Wesleyan.
Methodist Church,
Himley Road, Gornal Wood
St. Pauls.
Lake Street,
Lower Gornal.
The Baptist.
Robert Street, Lower Gornal.
St. James.
St. James The Great
Church Street, Lower Gornal.
St. Andrews.
Straits Green Mission.
Straits Road, Lower Gornal
St. Johns Church.
This church was shown on old maps of Gornal from the 1880s until the 1920s after which time the building vanished along with memory of it.
It is shown on an old map as being located on the corner of Brook Street and Musk Lane at the back of the Pear Tree Inn next to the steps.
A detached house has been built on the site.
New information suggests that this was a Roman Catholic Church and satellite of St. Chads in Sedgley, it seems likely the Catholic community moved away to the new site at the top of Temple Street sometime between 1920 and 1940 which seems to fit in, subsequently St Peter and the English Martyrs Roman Catholic Church was built in the same place in Temple Street and completed in 1967.
The Roman Catholic Church of St. Peter and the English Martyrs in Temple Street, Lower Gornal was errected in 1938 at a cost of 1,500.
A new church in a modernistic style was built adjacent to the old church in 1966, and the old church building was transformed into a church social club, the old club building was demolished in 2003.
A Roman Catholic 'school' was listed in 1865, [Jones's Merchantile Directory] with John Coulson, Master and Ann Coulson, Mistress. Schools were usually related to a place of worship at this time.
A small Mission Room' is shown on a 1901 Ordinance map at the 'Graveyard', Lower Gornal, this appears on Graveyard Road near to the Red Cow public house, it did not appear on earlier or later maps, nothing else found out about it.