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The Red Cow
The Red Cow, 84 Grosvenor Road, (6 Graveyard Road) Lower Gornal.
One of the older pubs in the area, first established around 1835.
The 'tavern in the graveyard'!, this area was know as the 'Graveyard' and Grosvenor Road was previously named Graveyard Road.
The area was an old Quaker burial ground with records of burials dating back to the 17th Century.
Lower Gornal Cricket Club was based here, with an attached cricket ground from the late 19th Century until the 1930s when mining scarred the landscape.
This was known locally as 'Sam Brecknell's team', the Brecknell family having owned the pub since the 1830s
Before the 1930s a dance hall adjoined the pub.
This was another Gornal pub which issued tokens, with examples bearing the name 'W.H.Brecknell'.
The Red Cow is still serving local folk with Real Ale.
1835, William Brecknell. [P.O.Directory]
1841, Hannah Brecknell, age 35, publican, son Francis age 15 and others. [Census]
1842, William Brecknell. [Pigots Directory]
1850, Mrs Hannah Brecknell. [P.O.Directory]
1865, Emma Brecknell. [Jones Mercantile Directory]
1868, Miss Eliza Wilkes. [P.O. Directory]
1876, Francis Bicknall [sic]. [Licence renewal]
1891, William H. Brecknell. [Census]
1896, William Brecknell. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1901, William H. Brecknell. [Census]
1904, William Henry Bracknell. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1911, Elizabeth Brecknell, licensed victualler aged 58, widow. [Census]
1912, William Henry Brecknell. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1924-1928, Samuel Brecknell. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1936, John Tipping. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1940, Albert Berry. [Kelly's Trade Directory]