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The Woodman
..looking from Louise Street
The Woodman, Wakelams Fold, Lower Gornal.
The pub is located in Wakelams Fold just off the bottom end of Louise Street.
The name 'Wakelams Fold' is said to have originated from a previous owner William Wakelam who was also a licensee in the 1930s.
In the middle of the nineteenth century - a break-away group from Himley Road Wesleyan met in the clubroom.
The group's worship later moved just down the road into a barn adjacent to the Fiddlers Arms before moving into their own 'Wooden Tabernacle' next to the Limerick in Summit Place.
Pubs and the Methodism knit together rather well in the community with several Gornal pubs having connections.

Brass token issued by John Jones c1910

The pub is reputedly haunted by poltergeist with many strange happenings reported.
John Jones issued tokens from here.
1844, William Hughes (owner) public house also nail warehouse. [Tithe]
1850, William Hughes. [Jones Mercantile Directory]
1861, William Hughes. [Census]
1868, William Hughes, & engineer & contractor. [P.O. Directory]
1871, William Hughes, age 67. [Census]
1872, William Hughes, described as an engineer and contractor. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1881, Isaac Hughes, age 40, occupation Contractor. [Census]
Isaac Hughes was the Son of William Hughes.
1885, Isaac Hughes.
1891, John Jones, age 35 wife Mary. [Census]
1896, John Jones, 1896, 1904 & 1912. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1901, John Jones, age 49 from Iron Bridge, Shropshire. [Census]
1904, John Jones. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1911, John Jones. [Census]
1915, 1916-1924, John Jones. [ER], [Kelly's]
John Jones died on 30th October 1925, his niece Annie Maria Wakelam was executrix of his will.
1928-1930, William Wakelam
1936, Hannah Bradley (Mrs).
1940, Isaac Bradley. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
What is now the front car park was once a bowling green for the club mentiond in the advert.