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Gornal is not exactly an attraction for outsiders, but perhaps there is at least a couple of reasons to know where Gornal is?
The Driving Test Centre, Lower Gornal.
Many good and bad memories will be held of the place following their visit to The Driving Test Centre in Lake Street
Since the 1960's this rather unobtrusive building has been the dread of learner drivers from all over this part of The Black Country.
Coopers Band Road entrance, 2007
Gornal Wood Crematorium.
For the same reasons, Gornal Crematorium, on the outskirts of Gornal Wood will not provoke many good memories.
The Crematorium was commissioned and administered by Dudley Council in 1960, with landscaped memorial gardens and entrances in Forge Road and Cooper's Bank Road.
Gornal 'Crem' is one of the most well-kept and attractive of its kind.
Infectious Diseases Hospital
Before the intense mining had begun in the Cotwall End Valley known as the Dingle, Sedgley Urban District Council built an Infectious Diseases Hospital near to Conquerer's Farm.
Very little is known about it.

Rutland Echo & Leicestershire Advertiser, 26 October 1877.

Great damage has been done by the wind to the Sedgley Infectious Diseases Hospital, the roof of which has been blown off, and the walls and chimneys rendered unsafe.
The Hospital building was located North of Conquerer's Farm, and just off Cotwall End Road, the Hospital is shown on an Ordinance Survey map c1905 but is not present on earlier or later maps.
A newspaper report of 1872. a 'hospital' at Gornal Wood treated Small Pox patients, and reported inmates 'escaping' into the community.
It is not known if the above reports refer to the Hospital near Conquerer's farm but it seems likely that it was located elsewhere at that time.
Small Pox, Typhoid and other diseases were rife in the district in the 1870s causing many deaths espcially in infants due to poor sanitation.
See the page on the Typhoid epidemic.
In 1959, the new purpose-built medical clinic in Bull Street, was nearing completion, previously this was located in Bank Street.