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The Ellowes
The Lodges

Moden Hill Lodge.
This was the main entrance to Ellowes Hall, the Grecian style lodge that stood at the entrance no longer exists but would have been situated just to the right of the iron gates.
From the main entrance, the old coach road continues for half a mile, much of it still exists, although a little overgrown, there is plenty evidence of the sandstone walling that skirted both sides of the coachway,
the drive now terminates at the small pools which were once a central feature of the landscaped gardens.
A short distance after the pools, the drive would have originally swept up and away to the left up to the elevated frontage of the Hall
The left iron gatepost still remains with a small section of ornate railings and stone wall, this gives an indication of how this gateway feature would have looked and are mentioned in the 1846 sale notice.
The ornate diamond X design seen on the gatepost is used as an emblem on the Ellowes Hall school badge.
The Lodge was occupied by Joseph Southall and family in 1911, farm labourer, Census indicates it had two rooms.
Ellowes West Lodge off Cotwall End Road.
West Lodge.
The West Lodge provided an entrance from Cotwall End Road, this was an ornate stone built cottage.
The cottage was occupied by the Flavell family c1900.
The building no longer exists.
Holloway Lodge.

Holloway Street West; site of Holloway Lodge
(was left side of roadway).
The Lodge and eastern trade entrance to the Hall was from Holloway Street, this track led down to the stables at the rear of the Hall.
The track later became 'Holloway Street West' and the Lodge was on the corner where it meets with Holloway Street.
Holloway Street West now terminates at a small trading estate on the right.
The two story lodge had a single bedroom upstairs, downstairs incorporated a living room, scullery and toilet.
1871, "Ellowes Lodge No.1" was occupied by Joseph Pearce, coachman (domestic servioce), and his wife Caroline.
The same Census mentions "Ellowes Lodge No.2" which was unoccupied, both lodges were in Holloway Street.
The lodge would have been used by the Estate's gardener or others in service.
Holloway Lodge was demolished in the 1940s.
1871; "Garden Cottage", possibly in Stickley Lane, was occupied by Edward Jones, gardener - domestic service. [to the Hall.