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The Ellowes
Ellowes, it's owners and families
John Turton Fereday commissioned the house in 1821 after the land was purchased from Viscount Dudley and Ward in 1820, the building was completed in 1824.
After a decline in Fereday's wealth, he vacated The Ellowes, the contens of the house were sold off and the house offered for lease (see complete inventory of it's contents in the sale advert later).
John T. Fereday moved to "The Quarries", a smaller but fine house in Kent Street, Upper Gornal in 1838, 'Quarry Hall' as it was called. In the 1841 census it was occupied by younger brother William Turton Fereday, age 50, who was described as a Stone Merchant', his wife was Elizabeth Anne.
White's Diretory of 1851 states:-
Ellowes Hall, on the west side of the parish, belongs to J. L. Bickley, Esq., but is now unoccupied.

John Latty Bickley, a wealthy coal and ironmaster who had married John Turton Feredays's daughter, Ann Eizabeth.
Bickley who had various mining and industrial interests and partnerships in Ettingshall and Bilton and beyond, lived at Ettingshall Lodge.
A succession of owners and tennants followed.
1850-1854 William Baldwin.
The Baldwin family owned an ironworks in Bilston.
William Baldwin died in July 1854 and his brother John continued to live at the Ellowes.
1854-1860 John Baldwin.
Mr. Baldwin moved out in 1860 and the Hall was let to William Burrows until 1865 when it was sold.
1862-1865 Major Barrows (occupier).
A Sedgley magistrate, also of the Staffordshire Rifle Volunteers.
Leutenant-Colonel Barrows was one of the directors of The District Gas Light Company.
1865-1872 Charles Cochrane.
Another industrialist, he was also Mayor of Dudley 1865-1866.
In 1869, Cochrane took out a patent for improvements to the preparation for iron ores for smelting.
The Hall in 1871, was occupied by Emily Mason Cochrane, Ironmaster's wife and children.
1872-1891 Sir Horace St. Paul.
The new owner of the Ellowes was the son of Sir Horace David Cholwell St. Paul of Ewart Park, Northumberland, whose wife was Anna Maria Ward, the daughter and heir of John Ward, 2nd Viscount Dudley and Ward of Dudley, they had married in 1803 and St.Paul was gifted valuable properties and mines at Windmill End, Netherton.
Sir Horace St. Paul inherited the title and the bulk of the estate after his father's death on 10 October, 1840.
He served as Conservative Member of Parliment Worcestershire East from 1837-1841.
Horace married Jane Eliza Grey on 24 April 1867, they had one child, his wife died in 1881, how much time he spent at Ellowes is unknown but at some point he moved back to Ewart Park where he died on 28th May, 1891, his estate was sold that same year.
1891-1919 John Lloyd Gibbons.
Engineering Surveyor.
MP for Wolverhampton South, 1898 to 1900.
1919-1923 Charles Thomas Mitchell.
Charles Mitchell was born in Bromsgrove in 1876, he was an entrepreneur and mining engineer.
At the age of 20 he started his own cycle company, and progressed into various business ventures and partnerships with varing degrees of success.
In his early life he lived in the Birmingham area until a move to Bryn Edwin Hall, Flint which he occupied between 1899 and 1902, there he had aquired the Bettisfield colliery and other works in the area.
The enterprise at Flint was wound up in 1902, and then furthur ventures in Pwllheli and Cornwall failed.
The Ellowes was purchased by Mr. Mitchell's wife in January 1921 for 5,750 and the family took up residence.
It appears that he had a very colourful life, with fingers in many pies, during his short stay at the Ellowes there were many garden parties.
A failed mining venture in 1923, ended his short stay at Ellowes Hall.
1923-1946 Henry Nock.
1946-1963 Nock family.
There were extended periods when the Hall was unoccupied.