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Petworth House
Petworth House - Miners Welfare, Church Street, Lower Gornal.
The original purpose or resident of this very old premises in Church Street is not known, perhaps this was an early public house, as according to certain information, there was at one time a malthouse within the bounds of the property.
In 1869, Mr. Thomas Gould, solicitor, moved to Gornal and this became his residence, the house was named after his birthplace in Petworth, Sussex, Thomas William Dalton Gould died on 29th May, 1909.
His widow Emily was still living there in 1912 with her family, she died in 1919.
Later, around 1915, this became the residence of Arthur Allen.
He called it 'Allendale', Mr. Allen who was a senior director of Alfred Allen Engineering of Deepdale Lane.
Mrs. Hannah Jane Allen, his widow, was still living at 'Allandale' in 1940 (N.B., spelling change). [Kellys Trade Directory]
1924, Dudley Chronicle, 10 July.
MINERS' WELFARE INSTITUTE AT GORNAL -Under the Miners' Welfare Scheme, Petworth House, Church Street, Lower Gornal, has been purchased as a welfare institute for the benefit of the large number of miners that live in the district. We understand the property recent!y belonged to the late Mr. Gould, a local solicitor, and cost about l,000. The property is fairly spacious and there will be ample room to enable the miners to construct a bowling green and a smaller green for the members' wives and families and a billiard room. Approximately 2,000 has been allocated for the purpose.
Petworth House or part of, was purchased and converted into a Welfare Institute for the benefit of local miners. The Miners Welfare was opened on 23rd December, 1924.
The 1939 Register shows Noel G. and Mary J. Potter as Steward and Stewardess at 'Miners Welfare Club', with address now being No.2 Church Street. In 1940, it was referred to as 'Gornal Miners Welfare Club' with the Hon. Sec. being J.L.Smith. [Kellys Trade Directory]
In the late 1960's, the social club moved into a new premises in Lake Street adjacent to St. Pauls Church, it later became 'The Lakes Club' but was demolished in 2003 - replaced with residential apartments.
At what point Petworth was split into the two properties is not known, however one of the dwellings is still called 'Allandale' [No.1], the other part 'Keidel House' [No.2].
Keidel House has been converted into multiple flatlets.