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The Old Coach Road to Ellowes Hall
Much of the old cobbled road that used to lead to Ellowes Hall from the top of Moden Hill still remains, the 1/4 mile route, once lined with Elm, is now a little overgrown but still a popular public footpath, the wooded area was known locally as 'The Rookery' and no doubt a rookery existed here at some time.
The Steppings
Underneath The Ellowes northern approach coach road were three underpasses allowing the locals to cross underneath the drive unseen by the gentry.
Steps down to the passageways and were called 'the steppings', the twenty-four steppings was the deepest underpass and was situated towards the bottom of the driveway, having twelve steps down and twelve back up the other side (see below).
As the carriageway rises towards the north gateway, less tunnelling was required to go under the roadway thus the sixteen steppings was situated further up the drive, the six steppings were positioned about halfway towards the top of the drive.
These 'steppings' have long since been filled in and there is no access nowadays, but remains of the old stone-arched entrances of two of the lower steppings can still be located in the undergrowth alongside the edge of the drive.
Location of the 'Twenty Four Steppings'
Photo CDM, 2016
Looking down into what remains.
Photo CDM, 2016
The above pictures show the 'twenty four steppings' archway in its present state with modern housing built nearby, now almost completely buried and hidden in the undergrowth, the steps down through are completely buried and the passageway is permanently filled-in, it was substantially built of local stone.
A John Price postcard view of 'The Drive' (the old coach road) circa 1920/30s.
Two other views around this time showed the approach to the Hall and the ornamental pool.
These postcard views were some of the last produced by this company, and were probably commissioned by Charles Mitchell, owner of the Hall at the time.
1932. Dudley Chronical, 28th July.
Sedgley Council
The clerk reported that he had twice written to the owner of Ellowes Drive Estate about the unsatisfactory state of one of the tunnels which was used extensively by miners and others going to Baggeridge. However, he had received no reply. The surveyor, who on the instruction of the Public Works Committee inspected the tunnel reported that the cost of repairing it would be about 15-20. After a discussion it was decided to execute the repairs and recover the costs.