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Conqueror's Farm
This was an old farm towards the bottom end of Cotwall End Road and was mentioned in the Doomsday Book.
A colliery was established nearby in the early twentieth century.
The farm buildings were demolished sometime in the 1960s.
The Straits Housing Estate built on the other side of the Cotwall End Road and laid out in 1959, was originally called "Conqueror's Farm Estate".
John Timmins was the farmer here in 1936. (Kelly's Trade Directory)
Benjamin Timmins farmed here in the 1940s. (Kelly's Trade Directory)
Graveyard Farm.
The farm was located at the bottom end of Graveyard (Grosvenor) Road.
The buildings were demolished sometime in the 1950s.
According to Census records, Joseph Law and family farmed at the Graveyard from 1851 until at least 1901. The 1861 Census records him as a farmer of 80 acres and employing 3 men
In 1881 Joseph Law was described as a farmer of 88 acres, employing 2 Men, 1 Boy and 2 Women.
1901 census shows him still a Farmer at the Graveyard and now aged 84, he died shortly after this, his Son Stephen was a Farm Baliff.
1928-1940, Henry Waldron, farmer, Graveyard Farm. [Kelly's Directory]
Finches Farm, Upper Gornal.
Mentioned in a trade directory of 1914, Mr Leek, resident, unknown location
Hunts Mill Farm

1879. Dudley Herald, Saturday, Fenruary 15

On Thursday evening, a serious incident happened to Daniel Hickman, farmer of Hunt's Mill Farm, Gornal Wood. Mr. Hickman had occasion to go into a sty in which was a boar, which attacked him whilst in the act of cleansing the sty. Some men hearing the cries of the unfortunate man ran to his assistance, and found that the boar was in the act of worrying him. When released it was discovered that Hickman was seriously injured, and was partly disembowlled, At the present time he lies in a precarious condition.
Coopers Bank Road
The farm and mill was located at the foot of Barrow Hill on the North side, off Coopers Bank Road.
The Staffordshire/Worcestershire (Dudley) border straddles the farm, and partly in the Pensnett parish.
There was extensive mining activity, with Old Park and Barrow Hill Collieries in close proximity.
An O/S maps between 1890 and 1910 suggests that it had a corn mill fed by a small watercourse in the valley, after the 1920s it was shown as disused.
Known locally as Hickin's Farm.
[1841 census]Hunts Mill: Emanuel Fereday age 45 miller and farmer, with sons Edward and Thomas, and wife Lucy.
Jaron[?] Hickman aged 34, 1881, farmer of 70 Acres employing 4 men and 2 boys. [1881 census]
The buildings were demolished in the mid 1980s.
On the slopes between Coopers Bank Farm and Hunts Mill are remains of a medieval settlement, a Scheduled Monument which has great archaeological importance.
Straits Farm.
A timber yard and the farm was located on the left-hand side of the Straits Road where it bends into Sandyfields Road.
The timber yard was removed and new houses built around 1962, the farm was demolished a few years later and more houses were added to the Straits Estate.
Spout House after restoration.
Spout House Farm.
Cotwall End Road.
A late eighteenth century farm house and buildings with grade II listing.
Probably called Spout House because of the nearby springs.
The house, barn and outbuildings have been tastefully restored into modern dwellings around 2002, much of the farm land is now a golf course.