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Himley Road, Gornal Wood.
The few shops that skirted the Himley Road are no longer present, however there were at one time a few retail shops around the Five Ways junction to compliment the two public houses which have outlasted them.
1960s advert for Cartwright's shop.
Shops trading on Himley Road...
379. J.R. Cartwright, grocer. c1965.
Joseph Cartwright's grocery shop, was on the corner of Himley Road and Cinder Road opposite the Bulls Head pub.
It had various changes to external appearance around 1998, some obvious in the above picture, it is now a private residence.
The premises number '379' had been allocated at some point in 1940's-1950's from an earlier number.
377 Himley Road in 2015. (CDM).
377. Himley Road (possibly Nr. 28).
This was a commercial premises until very recently.
Last known shop use was as a Fancy Dress shop.
In about 2016, the ground floor area has been integrated with the Five Ways Inn next door, adding extra function space, and the upper floor into offices.
28. Iron monger Shop, occupied by John Beddard and family. 1881. [Census]
This shop was occupied by Joseph Grainger, grocer in 1911 & 1916. [Census]
28. Joseph Grainger, grocer. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Joseph Grainger, shopkeeper. 1921-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
28. Joseph Grainger, shopkeeper "dealer" [1939 Register]
1950s. J.Grainger & Son, provisions & grocery.
29. Joel Griffiths, grocer and draper. 1912 & 1916. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
29. Harry R. Griffiths, grocer. 1928-1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Rachael Griffiths (Mrs), grocer and draper. 1921-1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
W & D. Greenaway, blacksmiths. 1912-1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
The smithy was built around 1910 and located opposite the Church.
Daniel Greenaway lived at no.24 Himley Road, shoeing blacksmith. [Census]
William Greenaway at No.35 in 1915. [Elect. Register]
W. Greenway, blacksmith. 1924-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
30. Harry Round Grifiths, Master Baker. 1939. [Elect.Regsiter]
33. Bessy May Phipps (Miss), draper. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
33. Florence Phipps (Mrs), draper. 1940 [Kelly's Trade Directory]
34. Samuel Marsh, shopkeeper. 1916-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
38. Jane Payton (Mrs), beer retailer. 1924-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
38. Fanny Elizabeth Harvey, beer retailer. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
39, John Thomas Tennant & Son, tailors & drapers. 1924-1940 [Kelly's Trade Directory]
70. Lily Beardsmore, shopkeeper. 1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
John Hyde, motor engineer. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
John Thomas Tennant & Son, tailors. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]