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Himley Road, Gornal Wood.
The few shops that skirted the Himley Road are no longer present, however there were at one time a few retail shops around the Five Ways junction to compliment the two public houses which have outlasted them.
Shops trading on Himley Road...
1960s advert for Cartwright's shop.
379 (27). Himley Road.
Joseph Cartwright's grocery shop, this building is on the corner of Himley Road and Cinder Road opposite the Bulls Head pub.
The very faded and faint ghost sign "J.R.Cartwright Grocer" is just about readable.
It had various changes to external appearance around 1998, some obvious in the above picture, it is now a private residence.
The premises number '379' had been allocated at some point in 1940's-1950's from the earlier number.
377 (28). Himley Road in 2015. (CDM).
377 (28). Himley Road.
This premises is located adjacent to the Five Ways Inn on the corner with Cinder Road.
Starting out as an iron monger's shop, occupied by John Beddard and family from 1881, sons Daniel, Joseph, James and John were general dealers and hawkers. Another branch of the Beddard family had a well known hardware shop in Louise Street until the 1970s.
This shop was later occupied by Joseph Grainger, already a grocer by 1891 but uncertain if this was from the same premises.
This was a commercial premises until very recently.
The last known retail use was as a fancy dress shop in the 1990s-2000s.
In about 2016, the ground floor area was integrated with the Five Ways Inn next door, adding extra function space, and the upper floor into offices.
1881. John Beddard, iron mongers shop. [Census]
1901. Abraham Marsh, wife Mary was grocer. [Census]
1921-1928. Joseph Grainger, shopkeeper. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1939. Joseph Grainger, shopkeeper "dealer". [Register]
1950s. J.Grainger & Son, provisions & grocery.
29 (& 30). Himley Road.
Joel Griffiths was a grocer at this address from 1891, he had married Rachael Round in 1877, his son Harry was a grocer's assistant in 1901.
Joel Griffiths died in 1904, and his widow Rachael, with children, Alice and Rupert continued with the grocer shop.
After the 1930s, son, Harry Round Griffiths, master baker, continued with the family business.
1871. John Poetry, grocer. [Census]
1891. Joel Grifiths, grocer. [Census]
1901. Joel Griffiths, grocer, premises occupied 29, 30 & 31. [Census]
1912 & 1916. Joel Griffiths, grocer and draper. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1921-1924. Rachael Griffiths (Mrs), grocer and draper. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1928-1936. Harry R. Griffiths, grocer. [Kelly's Trade Directory] (This was the son of Joel Griffiths).
1939. Harry Round Grifiths, master baker. [Register]
33. Himley Road.
1891. This was the home of Benjamin Phipps, coal miner and his wife Martha.
1901. The family still living at this address, Benjamin, a coal miner and his two daughters, Mary and Eliza were tailoresses. [Census]
1936. Bessy May Phipps (Miss), draper. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1940. Florence Phipps (Mrs), draper. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
34. Himley Road.
1871. James Greenway, grocer. [Census]
1881. James Greenway with wife Patience [nee Short], grocer. [Census]
1891. James Greenway, grocer. [Census]
1901. Patience Greenway, son George J. was a shoe maker & repairer. [Census]
1916-1940. Samuel Marsh, shopkeeper. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1939. Samuel E. Marsh, greengrocer. [Register]
35. Himley Road.
1901. Joseph 'Greenway' was a blacksmith at this address, his son William was also a blacksmith.
1915. William Greenaway at No.35. [Register]
1912-1921. W & D. Greenaway, blacksmiths. [Kelly's Trade Directory] The smithy was built around 1910 and located opposite the Church.
Daniel Greenaway lived at No.24 Himley Road, shoeing blacksmith. [Census]
1924-1928. W. Greenway, blacksmith. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
38. Himley Road.
John Payton from Northampton had married local girl Hannah Bayliss in 1852, her parents were from Gornal Wood.
By 1871 and possibly before, John and Hannah had a grocery business at 38 Himley Road, next door to Thomas Hale's shop (see next).
By 1901, the premises was occupied by John's son, Henry Payton age 47 and his wife Jane, he was also a grocer.
Henry's wife Jane managed the shop after his death in 1918. Fanny Elizabeth was Henry and Jane's daughter, she had married Clarence Harvey in 1916
Fanny Harvey kept the shop as a family concern into the 1950s.
1881. John Payton, grocer. [Census]
1891. John Payton, grocer. [Census]
1901. Henry Payton, grocer. [Census]
1924-1928. Jane Payton (Mrs), beer retailer. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1936. Fanny Elizabeth Harvey, beer retailer. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1939. Fanny Elizabeth Harvey, grocer provisions dealer. [Register]
1950s. Fanny Harvey’s open late shop and off licence.
39. Himley Road.
Thomas and Mary Hale originally ran a grocers shop from this address at least as far back as 1871.
In 1878 John Thomas Tennant married Emily Hale, daughter of Thomas Hale, a grocer at this address on the Himley Road and also started his draperery store there, a business that his son, Thomas G. Tennant continued on until at least 1940.
Master Taylor - John Thomas Tennant was also a Methodist Lay Preacher.
1871. Thomas Hale, grocer. [Census]
1891-1901. John T. Tennant, tailor & draper. [Census]
1924-1940. John Thomas Tennant & Son, tailors & drapers. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1939. John G. Tennant, master tailor & draper. [Register]
70. Himley Road.
1928. Lily Beardsmore, shopkeeper. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1936. John Hyde, motor engineer. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1950's - 1960's
B & G Transport (Billy and Gwen Wall).
32. Himley Road.
William Wall, heavy motor licenced driver. [E.R.]
Harris’s plant and veg sales.
[Informaton courtesy J. Webb]
Other premises on Himley Road.