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Other Shops in Lower Gornal and Gornal Wood.
Aggies Cafe.
photo CDM 2015
Water Road, Gornal Wood.
Just off Abbey Road, in Water Road, is now what remains of Aggies Cafe, called 'Cosy Cafe' in the 'sixties, and was very popular with the local shoppers.
Mid-60s advert from LGFC program.
Advert c1965
Bank Road, Gornal Wood.
Shops trading in Bank Road.
John L. Jewkes, Confectioner. 1936-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
J.L. Jewkes, 6 Bank Road, newsagent, tobacconist, stationer. [Local Advert]
This shop is now occupied by the Gornal Veterinary Centre.
Barr Street, Lower Gornal.
Shops trading in Barr Street.
25. Eliza (Lizzie) Greenway (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1928-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
This was still a general store up until the late 1960s, after which it became a private residence.
Bird Street, Gornal Wood.
Shops trading in Bird Street.
1916-1924, John Timmins, greengrocer. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
William Timmins, wholesale potato merchant.
Although not a shop, this family business was run from a yard in Bird Street for a considerable number of years, registered as William Timmins & Son, in 1951 the directors were William Timmins Snr., & William Timmins Jnr., as a fruit & potato merchant trading from the premises.
Brookdale, Lower Gornal.
Shops trading in Brookdale
Ernest Hunt, fried fish dealer. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Elsie Jones, confectioner. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
54: Lydia Jones, shopkeeper. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Brook Street, Lower Gornal.
78 Brook Street, old corner shop.
Shops trading in Brook Street...
2. Alice Baker, ladies' hairdresser. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
5. Sarah Jane Malpass (Mrs), grocer. 1916-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Sidney Hawkins, Retailer. 1912. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
In 1911 Census at No.20 he describes himself as a brickyard salesman.
In 1916, he is listed as a beer retailer.

11. Beatrice May Malpass (Miss), grocer. 1936-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
38b. Lydia Jones (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1924-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
54. Lydia Jones (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1936-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]

John Witton, beer retailer. 1921-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
75. Jane Witton (Mrs), beer retailer. off licence 1936-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
This propery was an off licence up until the 1980's, converted into three independant dwellings 2020.
28. Thomas Harthill, shopkeeper. 1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
78. Thomas Harthill, shopkeeper. 1936-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
No.78 is on the corner with Bird Street, with a classic 'corner shop' appearance, it continued as a shop 'till late 1970s, it is now a private residence.
William Harris, potato merchant.
Isaac Marsh, shoe maker. 1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Rebecca Marsh, shopkeeper. 1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Peter Jones, haulage contractor. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Medical Centre, Bull Street, 1960s.
Bull Street, Gornal Wood.
The only non-residential premises left in Bull Street, is the Medical Centre which opened around 1960, replacing the doctor's surgery located in Abbey Road which has since become the bookmakers shop.
Shops trading in Bull Street...
Daniel Hickman, grocer. 1912. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
At No.7 in 1915. [1915 elect. register]
John Hickman, grocer. 1916. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Wilfred Evans, grocer. 1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Ernest Hunt, fried fish dealer. 1928-1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Church Street, Lower Gornal.
Shops trading in Church Street...
3. Edgar Clifford, beer retailer. 1936-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
6. Noah Dunn, shopkeeper. 1928-1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
6. Esther Dunn (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
12. Phyllis Beardsmore (Miss), ladies hairdresser. 1936-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
11 & 12. Kople & Goodman, watchmakers and jewellers [1901]
12. Enoch Turner, music seller. 1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
12. John Tertius Eggington, chemist, 1916-1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
15 & 16. Samuel Millington, draper and milliner, 1891. [Census]
Samuel Millington, draper & outfitter, 1916-1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
19. Silas Guest, fruiter. 1891. [Census]
21. Caroline Louisa Taylor, pawnbroker. 1891 & 1901. [Census]
In 1911 she was living with father-in-law Thomas Brecknell in Vale St.
William Henry Shaw, pawnbroker. 1916-1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Nellie J. Shaw (Mrs), pawnbroker. 1924-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
James John Newton, greengrocer, 1916-1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
William Willetts, beer retailer. 1921-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
14. Enoch Turner. 1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
21. Enoch Joseph Smith, fruiterer. 1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Gornal Miner's Welfare Club. 1928-1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Cinder Road, Gornal Wood.
Shops trading in Cinder Road...
John Wakelam, confectioner. 1916-1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
10. James Henry Lamb, beer retailer. 1928-1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Himley Road, Gornal Wood.
Shops trading in Himley Road...
1960s advert, this was the corner shop on the Cinder Rd.
28. Iron monger Shop, occupied by John Beddard and family. 1881. [Census]
This shop was occupied by Joseph Grainger, grocer in 1911 & 1916 . [Census]
28. Joseph Grainger, grocer. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1950s. J.Grainger & Son, provisions & grocery.
Joseph Grainger, shopkeeper. 1921-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
29. Joel Griffiths, grocer and draper. 1912 & 1916. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
29. Harry R. Griffiths, grocer. 1928-1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Rachael Griffiths (Mrs), grocer and draper. 1921-1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
W & D. Greenaway, blacksmiths. 1912-1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
The smithy was built around 1910 and located opposite the Church.
Daniel Greenaway lived at no.24 Himley Road, shoeing blacksmith. [Census]
William Greenaway at No.35 in 1915. [Elect. Register]
W. Greenway, blacksmith. 1924-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
33. Bessy May Phipps (Miss), draper. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
33. Florence Phipps (Mrs), draper. 1940 [Kelly's Trade Directory]
34. Samuel Marsh, shopkeeper. 1916-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
38. Jane Payton (Mrs), beer retailer. 1924-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
38. Fanny Elizabeth Harvey, beer retailer. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
39, John Thomas Tennant & Son, tailors & drapers. 1924-1940 [Kelly's Trade Directory]
70. Lily Beardsmore, shopkeeper. 1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
379. J.R. Cartwright, grocer. c1965.
This grocery shop was on the corner of Himley Road and Cinder Road opposite the Bulls Head pub, it is now a private residence.
John Hyde, motor engineer. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
John Thomas Tennant & Son, tailors. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Holloway Street, Lower Gornal.
Shops trading in Holloway Street...
19. Mary Smith (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1916-1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
19a. Mary A. Southall (Miss), shopkeeper. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
25a. Nellie Worton, shopkeeper. 1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
25. Worton & Wise, shopkeepers, 1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Humphrey Street, Lower Gornal.
Shops trading in Humphrey Street...
Florence Waterfield, shopkeeper, 1912. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Samuel Bradley, shopkeeper (fruiterer), 1912-1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
At No.22 in 1915. [Elect. Register]
Isaac Hale, shopkeeper, 1912-1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
At No.31 -describes himself as a 'hawker' in 1911. [Census]
David Cole, shopkeeper. 1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Sarah Beardsmore (Miss), shopkeeper. 1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Musk Lane, Lower Gornal.
Shops trading in Musk Lane...
Ernest Abbis, fried fish dealer. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1a: Isaac Abbiss, fried fish dealer. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
4. John Hartill, shopkeeper. 1928-1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Richard Blackham, blacksmith, 1912-1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
21. Jane Abiss (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1924-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
25. Arthur Wakelam, coal dealer. 1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
42. Pearl Abiss, shopkeeper.
Benjamin Baker, shopkeeper, 1912-1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
At No.21 in 1915, 1916-1921. [Elec. Register], [Kelly's]

Emily Harthill (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
The upper part of Musk Lane from the Barr Street junction to Wood Road has had traffic restrictions imposed since 7th November 1955.
Prospect Road, Gornal Wood.
Rounds Bakery
Previously this was Griffith's Bakery.
Red Hall Road, Lower Gornal.
Shops trading in Redhall Road...
William Massey, shopkeeper, 1912 & 1916. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
At No.2 in 1915. [Elect. Register] Fish salesman. [1911 Census]
10. Elizabeth Share (Mrs), confectioner. 1936-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
14. May Moss (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Elizabeth Massey (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1921-1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
William Evans, oil dealer. 1912 & 1916. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
46. Phoebe Hemmings (Mrs), draper. 1912-1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory] Milliner. [1911 Census]
46. May Moss, shopkeeper, draper. 1924-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Phoebe Hemmings, ladies hairdresser. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Abraham Bradley, fruitier, 1912-1916. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
At No.7a in 1915. [Elect. Register]
Arthur Astbury, china dealer. 1912-21. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Arthur Henry Astbury at No. 49 in 1915. [Elect. Register]
In 1921, Arthur 'Asbury' listed as a confectioner.
Mary A Asbury was the confectioner in 1928 directory.
43. Sheila Ward, ladies hairdresser. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory] Edward Beardsmore, blacksmith. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
The smithy was built here sometime between 1920 and 1940, and occupied a corner plot just off the walkway between Redhall Road and Water Road.
Beardsmore's smithy had closed by 1980.
The corregated steel clad building was finally demolished around 2000.
John Bradley, fried fish dealer. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
James Bradley, greengrocer. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
The Old Barn, 100 Robert Street.
photo CDM 2019
Robert Street, Lower Gornal.
Shops trading in Robert Street...
92. Jarvis' shoe shop. < 1970s.
This premises is now a private residence.

8. Thomas Jarvis, boot & shoe dealer & repairer. 1916-1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Russell Bros. oil & colourmen.
100. The Old Barn.
This part stone built building was originally an agricultural barn, most recent uses were as a car repair workshop and carpentry workshop.
Straits Green, Gornal Wood.
Shops trading in Straits Green...
1. John Box, shopkeeper. 1912-1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory] Grocer. [1911 Census]
1. Mary Millward (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1924-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1: Harold P. Southall, shopkeeper. 1936-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
5. Sarah Timmins (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1921-1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
5. Joseph Timmins, shopkeeper. 1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
37. Benjamin Fellows, shopkeeper. 1924-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
St. James Street.Lower Gornal.
Shops trading in St. James Street...
15. Emma Marsh (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1916-1921. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Summer Lane, Lower Gornal.
Shops trading in Summer Lane...
25. Rose Hannah Malpass, grocer. 1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
86. Enos. Flavell, shopkeeper. 1924-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
88. Ruth Bate (Miss), shopkeeper. 1924-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
89. H. Hickman & Son, tailor. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
89. Agnes Jones (Miss), cooked meat dealer. 1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory] Grocer. [1911 Census]
Lilliam Brecknell (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory] Grocer. [1911 Census]
Shops trading in Summit Place...
William Smart, wholesale fruiterer. 1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
19. William Smart, fruiterer. 1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]