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This sub-section for shops of Upper Gornal and Ruiton.
Clarence Street and Kent Street skirt the old turnpike road from Dudley to Sedgley-Wolverhampton. These two streets offered the greater part of the shop premises in Upper Gornal, this route was also very well populated with Public Houses.
1966, the new Barclays Upper Gornal branch in Kent Street near the Parade.

Reproduced with kind permission of Barclays Group Archives

In the past, Kent Street was the principal shopping street of Upper Gornal, but very few of the original shop buildings remain.
A shopping parade was built off Kent Street in the 1960s, and this now constitutes the main shopping area in Upper Gornal.
Excepting the Parade, very few shops are now trading on this busy thoroughfare which then continues with Clarence Street and now part of the busy A459.
Only a few shop premises are still trading in Clarence Street, a notable feature is the modern Texaco petrol station, opposite a very useful DIY store.
Apart from the those along the main road, the remainder of Upper Gornal and Ruiton is now totally devoid of shops.
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