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RedHall Road, Lower Gornal.
N.B. Only one shop is currently trading from Redhall Road.
Shops trading in Redhall Road...
William Massey, shopkeeper, 1912 & 1916. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
At No.2 in 1915. [ER] Fish salesman. [1911 Census]
10. Elizabeth Share (Mrs), confectioner. 1936-1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
14. May Moss (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Elizabeth Massey (Mrs), shopkeeper. 1921-1924. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
William Evans, oil dealer. 1912 & 1916. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
46. Phoebe Hemmings (Mrs), draper. 1912-1936. [Kelly's Trade Directory] Milliner. [1911 Census]
46. May Moss, shopkeeper, draper. 1924-1928. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Phoebe Hemmings, ladies hairdresser. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Abraham Bradley, fruitier. 1912-1916. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
At No.7a in 1915. [ER]
Arthur Astbury, china dealer. 1912-21. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Arthur Henry Astbury at No. 49 in 1915. [ER]
In 1921, Arthur 'Asbury' listed as a confectioner.
Mary A Asbury was the confectioner in 1928 directory.
43. Sheila Ward, ladies hairdresser. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
Edward Beardsmore, blacksmith. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
The smithy was built here sometime between 1920 and 1940, and occupied a corner plot just off the walkway between Redhall Road and Water Road.
Beardsmore's smithy had closed by 1980.
The corregated steel clad building was finally demolished around 2000.
John Bradley, fried fish dealer. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
James Bradley, greengrocer. 1940. [Kelly's Trade Directory]
1950's - 1960's
Mr Beardsmore, local blacksmith.
Bradley’s fish and chip shop, this was later and still is Fans Chinese takeaway.
[Information courtesy J. Webb]
16. The only remaining shop that has survived Redhall Road now is Fans Chinese takeaway.
1939. George Round Cartwright described as master baker at No. 72. [Register]
Cartwrights bakery, head baker Reg - later this was Arcal Pies.
This was located near the Himley Road junction, fronted by a black & white building.
By the 1970's the bakery was owned by John Naylor & Son and they continued to make pies.