~ History ~
~ The Streets of Lower Gornal ~
The roads and streets of Lower Gornal, their past status.
This list does not include modern street names or those outside of the district.
Unless otherwise noted all these street names were listed in the 1871 Electoral Roll.
Street Comments
Abbey Street After Abbey Farm
Abbey Road        Ditto
Askew Bridge Road
Bank Road
Barr Street Named after Thomas Barr and family who owned land in the area.
Bird Street
Brook Bank Road
Brook Street Old water course at rear
Bull Street
Chapel Walk
Chase Road After Pensnett Chase.
Church Street After 1815 when St. James Church was built
Cinder Road Lower part called Pensnet Road in 1871
Coopers Bank Road
Deepdale Lane
Diddles Lane Mid 19th C. only, possibly renamed as Flavells Lane
East Street
Ellowes Row Old nailors houses demolished, new builds there now.
Flavells Lane Possibly 'Diddles Lane' in mid 19th Century.
Forge Road Only the Forge Inn in this lane.
Furlong Walk Named after a tithe piece called 'Furlong'
Garden Walk
Gas Street Next to Gas Works off Musk Lane - Disappeared
Graveyard Road Now Grosvenor Road, the area called The Grave Yard (18th C. Quaker burial ground)
Himley Road
Holloway Street
Holloway Square Off Holloway Street - disappeared
Hop Yard Lane Possibly hop yards here in 18-19th Century, Gornal was famous for brewing.
Humphrey Street Called Fiddlers Lane mid-19th Century .
Kettles Bank Road Could originate from Brew Kettles, vessels used in brewing beer.
Lake Street Also referred to as 'The Lakes' and 'Lake Lane' in 19th C.
Louise Street previously 'Cock Pit Lane' and then 'High Street'
Musk Lane Due to proximity of sewerage swamp.
New Street
North Street Between Humphrey St. & Lake St., gone, part replaced with Elan Close cul-de-sac
Prices Road
Prospect Road
Redhall Road See explanation of Place Name 'Red Hall'
Robert Street After Roberts Green, previously called Coseley Road c1871.
Ruiton Street
St. James Street Named after the Parish Church opposite.
Straits Road See explanation of Place Name 'Straits'
Summer Lane Previously Spout Lane or Smout's Lane.
Summit Place
Temple Street
The Alley Part of The Alley was in Cotwall End.
Turner Street
Wakelams Fold
Water Road
West Street Virtually disappeared -reduced to obscure pathway.
Zoar Street Not in 19th Century, possibly named after the Zoar Chapel was rebuilt in 1906.
Other Streets named early 20th Century:
Gateacre Street
Stickley Lane