Gornal Family Search
* N E W FEATURE 2022 *
A new feature where you can search for your family members here in Gornal that were entered in the 1891 Census.
You do NOT need to register, pay or any of that stuff.
Within the Lower Gornal Parish, over 6500 individuals were entered into the Census which took place on the night of 5th April, 1891.
The searchable database covers the entire Parish.
You are able to Search for your family name or person who lived in Gornal at that time; their siblings; who lived with them; what address they lived at and what they did for a living, and also any other information that was recorded about them in the 1891 Census.

Search Family Name (Surname)   Forename (optional)  
Please Note: This search is limited to families living here in Gornal in the 1891 Census.
People from Gornal who lived OUTSIDE the area are not included.
The surname must be included in the search criteria, a forename is optional.
Notes on Searching the database, and the results you may get...
Much of the data has been entered verbatim - that is as it was written on the Census Sheet. Some names from 130 odd years ago may not be presented as you expect.
Census entries of names and other facts were not always noted correctly or the writing is partly illegible making accurate transcription difficult.
Surnames: Some familiar names had different spelling, example:- Beadsmore/Beardsmore; Flavel/Flavell;
Forenames: It is obvious that there were many familiar first names in this Census, but the way they were written may have been changed over time, examples:- Ann/Anne/Annie; Pamela/Pemula/Pamula; Elizabeth/Eliza/Lizzie; Phoebe/Phobe/Phebe, and so on.
The search routine only has limited pattern matching, so check for alternative spellings.
Ages will be that given at time of Census (July 1891) and depend on the accuracy of data and transcription.
The 'Date of Birth' (DOB) is automatically generated from the age of the individual, so is not entirely accurate, allow at least plus/minus 1 year.
Results of a name search will show verbatim transcriptions from original Census documents, this may occasionaly show some unusual spellings, but keep in mind that these often were just errors created by the enumerator.
Any part of the record that is enclosed within square brackets thus [ xxx ] is additional information not in the Census document that has been added to the database for clarification and/or extra information.
Place of Birth: Sometimes vaguely entered, but usually was quite specific, although sometimes given as just 'Sedgley', this could relate to anywhere in the Sedgley district, but more likely the place of birth would have been in Gornal.