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Sedgley District Rifle Association was formed in 1877, the range was constructed near Dibdale Lane, Lower Gornal and the range extended to 300 yards. Patronage included B. Gibbons and other local Gentlemen.
Their meetings were held at the Five Ways Inn, Lower Gornal and their club emblem would be a target, crossed guns and a danger flag on the top. In 1878, the Association had plans to open a 600 yard range with pavillion and canteen for it's members.
'Kidney Bean Day' - December the 27th?
Reported in the Birmingham Post newspaper in 1962 was a brief description of Kidney Bean Day.
"...because in the Gornals everything from the Christmas feast is consumed by the end of Boxing Day and all that is left for December 27th is 'scraps and kidney beans'".
I've never heard this expression, and can't think where you would get kidney beans from in December, so I'll throw this one out there for confirmation.'
1974 - "On The The Road To Nowhere".
The documentary made for ATV in its 'Jay Walking' series, 'On The Road to Nowhere' won an award at the International TV and Film Festival at San Fransisco in the sociological film category.
The short film involves presenter Sue Jay on a visit to Lower Gornal, where Gornal Athletic F.C. were holding a Black Country 'faggot and pays' supper. Gornal folk, yowm gorra see....
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