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Books for further research and reading; please note:- These books are NOT for sale on here.
A number of books have been published which contain substantial material about the Gornal area, some specific to Gornal, and some others of Sedgley which have significant Gornal content are also included.
There are books more generally about the Black Country which may also contain some relevant content, but these are outside the scope of this page and have not been included here.
Many of the following books are out-of-print and may be difficult or impossible to obtain, the local library of Gornal or Sedgley may have copies though.
"The Gornals"
Author: Ned Williams
The first volume was published in 2014, and quickly followed by a companion 'Volume 2' in 2015 with even more information and photographs. The books were published by Uralia Press, Wolverhampton, hardback and paperback editions.
Both books contain a wealth of both old and modern black and white photographs with explanatory captions along with some family histories in the Lower and Upper Gornal areas, well written and illustrated as you would expect from Ned Williams, the author has written a large number of other books about the Black Country.
Sedgley in Old Photographs series
Author: Trevor Genge.
This series of books do contain many photographs from the Gornal area as well as the whole of the Sedgley district.
The books are part of the 'Britain In Old Photographs' series, published by Sutton. They contain a large collection of black and white photographs with explanatory captions.
The series consist of
"Sedgley & District", 1995.
"Sedgley & District: A Second Selection", 1997.
"Sedgley & District: A Third Selection", 1999.
"Sedgley, Coseley and the Gornals: A Fourth Selection", 2001.
"Sedgley & District: A Fifth Selection", 2004.
The following three books were written by Angus Dunphy, history Teacher at the Ellowes Hall School, he wrote several other local history books on the surrounding area, those below were published in a school exercise format, copies may be found in the local library.
"Coal mining in and around Gornal"
Booklet, published by Teachers Centre, 1977.
"Ellowes: its owners and times"
Booklet, published by Dudley Teachers' Centre, 1983.
Extensive research into the Hall's history and it's owners.
"Churches and Chapels of the Gornals and Sedgley"
Booklet, published by The Ellowes Hall School, 1976.
"A History of Lower Gornal"
Author: Andrew Barnett.
Booklet, 35 printed pages, published by Dudley Teachers' Centre, 1975.
Includes three sketches by the Author.
Andrew Barnett was head teacher at Redhall School.
"Major Occupations in Lower Gornal in the mid-nineteenth century"
Author: T.C. Lewis
Booklet, published by Ellowes Hall School & Dudley Teachers' Centre.
"Early Methodism at Gornal Wood"
Author: William Davies
Booklet, published by Epworth Press, 1939.
36 printed pages.
"'Do you remember?' the Salop Street area and on to Five Ways, Lower Gornal; 50 years ago".
Author: John R. Stenson.
Booklet, 53 printed pages, illustrated with the authors own sketches, privately published, 2000.
"50 Years of Evangelical Witness in Lower Gornal"
Author: Enoch Aston.
Booklet, 16 printed pages, published in 1941.
A Jubilee souvenir, written and printed locally, contains a history of St. Pauls Church, Lower Gornal.
Includes two photographic illustrations in black and white.
The Village Voice Chronicals, 1. Sedgley, Gornal & Coseley.
Author: Chris Smith.
Published locally in 2013, 158 printed pages with some illustrations.
A compilation of articles and snippets from the 'Village Voice' community magazine.
Although also covers Sedgley and Coseley, it does have significant Gornal content.