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The present Zoar Church was built in 1906 as a replacement for an earlier chapel.
The clock was added to the tower in 1917.
After disagreements with the Himley Road Church and being expelled in 1835, a small breakaway group started meeting in the clubroom of the Woodman Inn and later at a barn at the Fiddlers Arms.
This led to the 'Wooden Tabernacle' being built in Summit Place near to the Limerick Inn.
In 1836, the group aligned themselves with the Methodist New Connexion, and the makeshift tabernacle was replaced with a brick built building.
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In 1854, a new church was built at the present location in Zoar Street to accomodate about 500.
A Sunday School was completed next to the proposed Church slightly earlier in 1851, it could accomodate 550 scholars.
In 1899 the Church and Sunday school were enlarged, however a few years later, it was decided to rebuild the Church, and in 1906 the old building was demolished and the present Zoar Church was erected.
Pronounced locally as Zo-ah.
Zoar (or Zoara) was a city mentioned in Genesis as part of the Biblical Pentapolis.
Evangelist Billy Graham reputedly visited the Zoar in 1946 during his tour of the UK and Europe, as part of the American "Youth for Christ" Team.
The Sunday School was demolished in the 1970s, it was later replaced with more modern buildings set back from the road.