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Methodist Chapels of Upper Gornal.
Mount Zion New Connexion.
After a split between the Wesleyan and the New Connexion factions in the 1830s, two cottages in Club Row which had been utilised earlier by the Wesleyan methodists, were purchased and converted for worship.
Mount Zion Sunday School, coin sized token?
Work on a new chapel in Kent Street started, and in 1879 it was officially opened.
This was an imposing brick-built chapel on the east side of Kent Street.
1878: The Building News, August 2nd.
Memorial stones of a Methodist New Connection chapel and schools, Upper Gornal, were laid on Monday Week. The building will consist of a chapel 65 ft. by 40 ft., and 14 ft. high, and two class-rooms. The chapel will accommodate 350, and the school room 220 without the class-rooms. The contract is 1,420.
The Church suffered damage in May 1955, when a fire broke out in the Schoolroom below.
The chapel was demolished in 1970.
It was replaced by the Upper Gornal Methodist Church, a modern building built in 1971, which now occupies the site.
The Wesleyan.
On the eastern side of Kent Street, situated on the opposite to the Green Dragon Inn.
Opened in 1842, this was a two storey building, built of Gornal Stone, with a brick frontage.
It was demolished in 1970.
In 1972, Upper Gornal Methodist Church, a new building on the Mount Zion site was erected, and the both Methodist congregations merged.
Photo CDM 2019
Baptist Church, Jews Lane, Upper Gornal.
Rehoboth Church, probably 1920s-1930s.
This building was then a Baptist Church, and marked on a 1940s O/S map as such.
This later became known as 'Kingdom Hall' when used by the Jehovah Witness from the 1970s onwards.
In the mid-1990s, it was converted into a childrens day nursery, since 2005, it's called 'Kiddies Kingdom'
Strict and Particular Baptist Chapel, Moden Hill.
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This tiny chapel, although just over the bounds, is included here.
Located on the Ridgeway, huddled between modern private housing, it is easily misssed.
It is still currently in use today.