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The Dock Colliery, Bull Street, Gornal Wood.
This small colliery was started by Edward Bradley around 1910, the loading bay ran parallel to Bull Street.
One of the diggings crossed under Bull Street and coal was mined from beneath the area on the opposite side.
In the past, this has caused subsidence in the area, the most recent occurred on Sunday, 13 September 2015 when a two foot hole about six foot deep opened up at the side of the carriageway during road works.
An earlier 'crowning in' occurred in the same spot along Bull Street in the 1960s.
In 1917 the manager was J.W.Newey, the Dock No.7 and No.5 pit employed 62 men below and 32 above ground.
The No. 7 pit closed in May, 1917.
Pit no. 5 employed 62 below ground and 32 above ground at that time.
Houses were built in Bull Street along the pit banks in 1933.
Dock drift no.2 mine belonged to the Earl of Dudley, was located at Lower Gornal and was abandoned in November 1945.
Need further information to establish if this was connected with the Bull Street workings.
E. Bradley & Co. had Himley Garden Pits No. 1 & 2 at Lower Gornal in 1908, with Harold Newey as manager employing 72 men below and 15 above ground.
H.S. Pitt is listed in a mining index at Garden Pit No.2, Lower Gornal, also in 1908 but no men employed there.