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Fibre Form Limited.
Holloway Street, Lower Gornal.
This factory produced products for the electronics industry, notably TV and radio backs.
Fibre Form in the 1970s. Fibre Form - site levelled 2009.
1960s employment advert.
The Fibre Form factory closed in the 1980s.
M & J Drilling Services Ltd took over the use of the building in 1995 for a few years before moving to Tipton in 2008.
The buildings were demolished in early 2009 to make way for yet another housing development.
Hermit Cupola Chimneys
Hermit Industries Co.
Holloway Street, Lower Gornal.
Hermit Industries was established in 1947.
The foundry produced ferrous and non-ferrous castings for the engineering industry.
The cupola 'chimneys' were an integral part of producing castings and were a local landmark, the furnaces were located at the bottom of these stacks and were coke fired.
The works was rather unpopular with nearby residents because of the smell and dust emitted from the prominent fifty foot stacks, this was one factor that eventually resulted in the demise of the foundry.
In February 1964, part of the works was badly damaged when a fire broke out in the pattern shop, just after the workers had left.
The foundry closed in the 1990s with the loss of eighteen jobs, the firm not being able to meet pollutant requirements and suffering from foreign competition.
The Hermit Industries company was wound up in 2000 and along with the Fibreform factory, was demolished in 2008 to make way for yet more housing.
Candle Works
The rear of the old Candle Works.
Looking through the undergrowth from the railway walk, 2015.
Cinder Road, Gornal Wood.
Thomas Glaze started up candlemaking at Sandfields around 1880, tallow candles were supplied to the mining industry as well as for domestic use.
The works was situated right on the parish boundary with Pensnett, near to and opposite the Chase Road junction.
First noted as a 'candle works' on an Ordnance Survey map of the 1920s - the buildings pre-date 1880.
The candle works closed in the late 1960s, only a couple of the old buildings remain, and presently the site has small industrial units.
Need more info on the works.
Trade Advertisement c1965.
S & W Glazed Tile Co. Ltd.
384 Himley Road, Gornal Wood.
This small works established in 1937, made tiled fireplaces and other fireplace accessories, particularly popular in the 1950-60s,
The business was situated in a building adjacent to Walter Mills coach garage on the Himley Road.
DMW Motorcycles, Valley Road Works, Upper Gornal
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