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Dibdale Colliery.
Proprietor, Benjamin Gibbons Jnr., Pits No.1 & 2 employed around 125 workers in 1910.
Pit No. 1 was located just off the bottom end of Bagleys Lane near the main works at Dibdale Bank.
Pit No. 2 was called Cuba Pit and was further south off Graveyard Road, the pit finished around 1945.
Pit 1 and 2 employed a total of 121 below ground and 41 above ground in 1918
The winding gear of Pit No. 3 was still visible into the 1960's.
The Cuba pit shafts were 80 yards deep and had large winding engines.
The whole Dibdale area was littered with old shafts, quarries and spoil heaps.
The Dibdale colliery shared other mining activities including the extraction of fireclay and iron ore, the former was particularily plentiful and of quality, much or the coal was used for their own manufacturing producing gas retorts and other refractories from the fireclay. See Gibbons Fireclay Works.