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Bomb Crater Upper Gornal.
Fortunately, Lower Gornal did not suffer any bomb blasts during the Second World War, however the Upper Gornal area did get hit with three Luftwaffe bombs in fields between Moden Hill and Catholic Lane, Sedgley on the 27th June, 1940, little damage resulted and no loss of life.
The Government did build many air raid shelters in the back yards of houses in the newly built Wood Road in Lower Gornal, these shelters were brick built, partly buried, with a reinforced curved concrete roof, many of these remained in peoples back yards up until the 1970s, these often used for storage.
Wartime relics
Off Vale Street, Ruiton, Upper Gornal
Close-up of the prefabricated design.
photo CDM 2017.
This block of pre-fabricated buildings skirting the Upper Gornal Recreation Grounds were erected in World War Two because of the likely threat of poison gas being used by the enemy.
Their purpose was to be used as a decontamination facility after a poison gas attack.
At the rear of the buildings a brick-built water tower which would have been used as part of the decontamination process, later, a part of the tower was converted into a Public Convenience.
The likelihood of a poison gas attack was taken very seriously during the war and gas masks were issued to everyone.
A gas attack would be signalled by hand rattles 'clackers', like those used at football matches, when the danger was over, hand bells would be sounded.
Fortunately it never happened.
During the 1950s and later, these units were used as a club and have since been put to use for various purposes, including changing rooms, club facilities and storage.
The Great War
A number of men lost their lives during World War 1, the Memorial Hall in Lower Gornal has Memorial plaques for both WW1 and WW2. See details
The Zoar Church, Gornal Wood, memorial and clock in the tower for those associated with the Church who had lost their lives during the conflict.
A brass plaque in the main corridor of Redhall Junior School, Zoar Street, Gornal Wood, was added in 1947, a memorial to the fallen of the Second World War with a Roll of Honour (19 local names).