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Bobs (Straits) Brook
In the depths of Turners Hill Wood, 'Bobs Brook' also known as Straits Brook, fed by local freshwater springs is reduced to only a trickle during the summer months.
Coal mining dominated this landscape but now the area has been reclaimed by nature, a large concrete 'cap' to one of the pits and the old steel winding cables of Ellowes Colliery may still be found in the undergrowth.
This watercourse forms the Lower Gornal Parish western boundary.
The brook rises from the many springs in Cotwall End Valley and winds its way through the wood leaving Gornal after it passes under the road at Askew Bridge, onward towards the River Stour.
'Bob' was not in fact a person, but the brook takes its name from a coal mining term, early mining in the valley, before the industrial scale collieries, would have used bell pits, these employed a short vertical shaft and the coal was removed directly below and winched to the surface in buckets.
A cross-section of such a pit would resemble a bell, these pits were called 'bob holes' locally.
The bob holes were small concerns, no shoring would be used, and once the small quantity of coal was removed, the pit was closed and a new one sunk nearby.
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