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Dawsons Motorcycle Works - DMW.
Valley Road works, Upper Gornal.
Leslie Dawson founded DMW - 'Dawson Motorcycle Works' in 1940, producing competition motorcycles and parts at a small premises in Wolverhampton.
After the War, Dawson formed a partnership with local businessman Harold Nock who had some previous experience in the motorcycle industry, with intent to go into production on a more commercial scale, however Nock and Dawson couldn't agree on the future direction of the company.
Dawson was more interested in building specialist motorcycles for competition use whereas Nock wanted to explore the lightweight and general motorcycle market.
Leslie Dawson turned the business over to Harold Nock in 1948 and emigrated to Canada shortly afterwards
Nock continued to use the DMW name, and after recruiting Mike Riley, an ex-BSA engineer to design a new range of models, moved the enterprise to his factory in Valley Road trading as 'Metal Profiles Limited'.
The factory was located to the rear of the trolley bus depot behind Jack Darby's Cinema.
The production of DMW motorcycles commenced at the Valley Road works in 1950, various models were produced in the following years, using Villiers engines for both sport and road use, the 'Bambi' scooter introduced in 1957 and produced for a couple of years, additionally a suspension system developed and patented earlier by Dawson was manufactured and supplied to other manufacturers and enthusiasts.
1960s 250cc 'Dolomite' in familiar works Tuquoise Blue
Production of DMW's continued on until around 1967, by which time British motorcycle manufacturing was in decline and the business concentrated more on engineering.
In 1971 Harold Nock retired and the business was sold on in 1975, from this point 'Metal Profiles Limited' of Valley Road under new management concentrated more on general engineering.
Further motorcycle production was very limited, however they did continue manufacturing and selling parts for DMW and Villiers
In 1995 the company was sold to a Bilston engineering company but this was short-lived and went into liquidation, the factory was demolished in 2004, new housing was built on the site.