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A number of local business were operating road haulage from the area, some of these from the stone quarries.
Bate Brothers, Upper Gornal.
The road haulage business was started by brothers James and Clarence Bate in 1919, the yard was located on Jews Lane, Upper Gornal about 200 yards down on the right side.
1925. The Dudley Chronical, 29th October.
On Thursday evening the Dudley Fire Brigade, under the Chief Constable, turned out in answer to a call to a fire in Upper Gornal. Upon arrival it was found that the premises of Mr. Clarence Bate, garage proprietor, of 28 Greenway, a two-storied stone building, with tiled roof, were ablaze, while the adjoining Baptist Chapel and a malthouse were in grave danger. There was, unfortunately, only a low pressure of water, the only hydrant giving merely 20lbs. pressure. This was increased by the engine to 120lbs., and after nearly two hours the flames were subdued, but not before the roof had fallen in. A large quantity of petrol which caught fire incresed the intensisty of the flames. The origin of the fire is unknown. The damage to tools etc., is estimated at 60, to which has to be added the unknown damage to the premises
Bate Bros. started out after WW1 by buying up ex-British Army surplus Leyland lorries, they stayed loyal to Leyland vehicles up to their retirement in 1949, except for purchasing a very rare and expensive (for that time) REO Speed Wagon in the late 1930’s.
They also bought engine and rolling chassis’ off the Ribble Bus Company, the bus bodies being removed by Ribble to re-use themselves, then Bates’ constructed their own single drivers cab on the right hand side with a flat body fitted and extending over the engine and left front wheel to give extra carrying length.
Their main loads were long lengths of steel.
A new company was registered in 1939 in the form of 'Bate Brother (Gornal) Ltd.', with the intention of carrying on the business of garage proprietors and dealers in motor vehicles, James and Clarence Bate as directors.
The business was nationalised in 1949 along with most of Britain's road haulage industry, and became a depot of British Road Services (BRS) up until 1954, the site was then sold on to the Wright family (Bennetts Builders) and remained a builders yard 'til the 1970s.
By 1980 the buildings had been demolished ready for new housing which appeared a couple of years later.
Advert c1968
A. & L. Hickman Transport.
Redhall Road, Lower Gornal.
Walter Mills Transport.
Himley Road, Gornal Wood.
This was part of Walter Mills Coach business on the Himley Road.
This company used to contract to Hinton Perry and Davenhill Pensnett (Dreadnought Roofing Tiles) and Searson Masonry who manufactured breeze blocks (on the Pensnett Trading Estate before it was fully developed)
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B&G Transport (Billy and Gwen Wall).
Himley Road, Gornal Wood.
1950s-1960s. [info J.Webb].