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Brick Works
Other Local Brickworks.
A small brick works at Ruiton is shown on an O/S map c1900, located between Club Row and Hill Street.
The works had disappeared by the 1920s, a row of industrial units were added in the 1940s, in the 1960s, one was an engineering works and another car repair business, these existed until the early 1980s.
The site had been cleared by 1987 after which a new housing development was built.
Two separate brickworks were shown on a 19th Century o/s map, south of the Himley Road, at least one of these belonging to the Oak Farm Estate, with the other site nearer to the Crooked House, both works had several kilns.
1851, William Waterfield, brick manufacturer, Upper Gornal. [Melville Trade Directory]
In 1865, he is described as a mining agent and fire-brick maker. [Jones Merchantile Directory]
1851, James Bates, fire brick manufacturor, Ruiton. [Melville Trade Directory]
1851, Parker and Fellows, brick manufacturers and quarry owners, Upper Gornal. [Melville Trade Directory]
1865, Benjamin Hughes, brick maker, Lower Gornal. [Jones Trade Directory]