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Brick Works
Baggeridge Brick, Gospel End, Sedgley.
In 1937, the brickworks was built next to the Earl of Dudley's coal pits at Baggeridge.
The enterprise utilised the by-products of the Colliery, using local clay and a ready supply of coal slack ensured this enterprise became very successful, by 1945 a separate company was formed and Baggeridge Brick was producing bricks until recent times.
Baggeridge produced high quality bricks and undoubtedly they were used to build many Gornal houses and works.
Post-war rebuilding ensured brick making at Baggeridge successful, the subsequent loss of the abundant coal slack supply when the Colliery closed in 1968 was a concern but nevertheless production continued.
A Baggeridge brick early 1950s.
By 1990 the works was producing up to 250 million bricks a year, the blue brick solids were especially sought after.
The Austrian company, Wienerberger - the world's largest supplier of bricks, bought Baggeridge Brick for £89m in 2006, but this didn't stop the eventual demise of the works a few years later.
The site is now being redeveloped into housing, a small craft village with new workshops is being built surrounding the chimney stack, and this together with one of the remaining buildings are the only visual reminders of the areas industrial past.