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Municipal facilities provided by Sedgley UDC
Refuse and Tips.
Sedgley Urban District Council made good use of the areas depleted quarries and collieries for disposal of public waste in the 20th Century.
Humphrey Street municipal tip, now a park, note the gas vent pipe in the foreground.
Photo CDM 2019
A tip at Lower Gornal, off Humphry Street, was commissioned around 1934, but was unavailable for a period due to ongoing mining operations there.
In 1937, the mines south of Hermit Street were used for municipal refuse disposal for both Upper and Lower Gornal
Some old quarries were in use off Holloway Street, by 1953, the Holloway site had been nearly filled.
. In 1961, the Humphrey Street tip was nearing completion, and Sedgley UDC had already purchased another suitable piece of land near the 'The Alley' in Gornal Wood, an old coal mining area.
In 1962 and 1963, the Humphrey Street tip was still being used for Sedgley district's waste.
In 1964, the Humphrey Street tip was completely filled, this tip had been in operation for 30 years and filled up to road level.
This former tip, re-developed, now provides a small park and public open space.
During 1964, the new tip in The Alley, was commissioned and by 1965, The Alley site was the principal tip for the area.
The Sewers.
Lower Gornal and Gornal Wood lagged behind Sedgley and Upper Gornal, and up until 1923 were without any form of public sewer system.
The problems in laying the system was mainly due to landowners not being co-operative.
However, by 1924, a suitable site was acquired for sewage disposal at Lower Gornal, and the work started connecting dwellings to the new disposal system.