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Tudor (Board) School.
Board School, Clarence Street (Dudley Road), Upper Gornal.
Built in 1883, the boys, girls and infant Board school, had a capacity for 225 boys, 223 girls and 178 infants since it was enlarged in 1899.
In 1896 [Kelly's Directory], the headmaster was James Henry Walker, Miss Alice Weeks, mistress.
The school was enlarged in 1899, a new school building annex was built on the opposite side of the road but some distance away
The annex was later to become the 'Quarry Club'
The master in 1904 was still James Henry Walker with Miss Kate Rushton, mistress, infant mistress was Miss Mary A. Mills.
During the 1912-1921 period, the master was Charles Tomlinson, both Miss Rushton and Miss Mills remained, by 1924 Miss Leggot and Miss Wilaby had these posts.
Average attendance in 1912 was 187 boys, 220 girls and 176 infants. [Kelly's Directory]
In the 1950's the Board School was re-named 'The Tudor Schools'.
After closing as a school in the 1980s, it was used as an Adult Training Centre.
The Schools were demolished in 1996.