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Brass Bands
Brass bands sprang up all around the industrial regions after 1850, and Gornal produced some good bands.
Marching bands were a regular occurence around Gornal, the local folklore of 'putting the pig on the wall to watch the band go by' is often remarked upon.
Reported on 21 August 1861, the Gornal Wood Brass Band played at the opening of the Kingswinford Market Hall.
Gornal Wood Saxhorn Band was reported active 1860s to the 1870s.
July 1887, the Gornal Wood Brass and Reed Band joined the Jubilee procession and celebrations at Worfield.
Gornal Wood Excelsior Brass Band was active in the 1930s
Gornal Wood [Excelsior] Brass Band photographed above was probably taken at Himley Hall c1930.
Standing 3rd from left is thought to be Jack Worton, and Sam Worton 4th from left, both of New Street.
The gentleman standing on the right is thought to be William Jones, landlord of the Red Lion and local character.
Any further information on the band members appreciated.
The Earl gave annual parties at the Hall for his employees and their wives and families.
The Excelsior Band did play at the events at Himley Hall, and were mentioned in newspaper reports of August 1932 and 1933.
The Earl of Dudley's garden parties would also include childrens sports and angling contests in the lake, thousands of local people would attend, some arriving by a special train stopping at Himley Station.