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A Random collection of old pictures and postcards from around Sedgley,

This is an early John Price picture postcard of the Bull Ring from around 1904, in the foreground, the Wolverhampton tram.
Some familiar buildings can be seen including the Court House to the right and J.T. Eggintons chemist in the centre.
A litho print of an original Ron Baker sketch in 1976.
Showing The Court House in the foreground, the pub is probably early 18th century and doubled as a Court, a tunnel under Dudley Road connected it to the Red Lion Hotel which was formally a Police Station. The Court House was extensively refurbished in 2018 and appears to have been converrted into living accomodation.
Ron Baker was a prolific local artist who sketched over 300 views of the area, some of his other views are included later in the page.
The Court House pictured right from Sedgley Bull Ring in late 2018 with new livery.
Another of John Price's early postcard showing the Beacon as a popular beauty spot at the turn of the century.
The grade II monument stands 50 feet high over Sedgley Beacon Hill, the folly was erected in 1846, built of local stone, supposedly an earlier tower existed.
Beacon Hill is one of the highest points in the area at 777 feet (237m) high, the site dates to the time of the Spanish Armada and the warning beacon network..
The castellated tower is sadly neglected and in need of restoration, the internal spiral staircase is in poor condition and it is no longer safe to climb the tower from where fantastic panoramic views of the West Midlands and beyond could be seen on a clear day.
A litho print of an original Ron Baker sketch in 1975.

One of many Ron Baker sketches of Sedgley.
The following images were taken from litho prints of original Ron Baker drawings, each being described and signed on the reverse.
Many of the scenes include All Saints Church as a backdrop, the Parish Church is a prominent feature of central Sedgley.
Ron Baker was born in 1918 and for a long period had a tailors shop in Sedgley, his great interest in the history of the town, led him to produce so many pen and ink drawings of local scenes.
Over 300 such drawings of notable buildings and landmarks were produced, including some of the Gornal area like Ellowes Hall and Ruiton Mill, many were the result of research into how things would have looked.
He also published two books, A Pictorial History of Sedgley' in 1970 and in 1991, 'Sedgley Manor, a Pictorial History', both containing many of his drawings.
A litho print of an original drawing of Hall Street, the scene is set in 1920.
Hall Street is a narrow road between Ettymore Road and Gospel End Street, now one way only.
The row of old buildings do still exist.
A litho print of an original Ron Baker sketch in 1967.
The All Saints Sunday School building was located where Iceland and the modern row of shops, set back from Dudley Street.
The school was built around the same time as All Saints, the building was demolished in 1966.
A litho print of an original Ron Baker sketch in 1969.
A view of Dean Street looking from the rear
A litho print of an original Ron Baker sketch in 1956.
Showing St. Chads Catholic Church.
A litho print of an original Ron Baker sketch showing a cottage in Catholic Lane in 1950.
The cottage is still there but now surrounded by modern dwellings.
A modern postcard of Sedgley Bull Ring, looking across to the Red Lion from Barclays Bank.
The view seems to be from late 1970s or early 1980s.
This view is looking along Dudley Road towards Upper Gornal with Gate Street on the immediate left and St. Chad's Catholic Church out-of-view on the right.
The houses on the left, although having gone through modernisation, are still there.